Wednesday, April 13, 2011

You've Got Mail & Roommate Love

"You've Got Mail"

A box!  Ooooo...  Just what I always wanted.  It's an all-in-one tent, storage compartment, hiding place, building block, cave for action figures or a house for barbies, reusable shipping material, and holder for crazy amounts of cupcakes!  Be jealous!!

But I'm sure you're much less excited about the box as I am, so while I marvel at the wonder that is basic brown geometry with my two year old imagination, you can marvel at my new Sigvaris Athletic Performance Socks compliments of

Now let me just let you that the second picture took quite an effort.  These socks are a BEAST to get on even compared to the CEP Compression Calf Sleeves.  Then I had just about the most awkward photo op in my kitchen trying to take the photo from my flip phone camera; holding the camera out and bending at the hip to try and see the screen.  I was surprised my roommate didn't just walk in the door right at that moment.  I need a full size mirror!

But yes, this means I will have another review coming soon.  I obviously need to test them out on both short and long runs before I can write anything.  If you have any questions about them or suggestions on how to test them or what to focus on, I'm all ears! 

Roommate Love

Since I've spoken of my roommate multiple times already in this post, I thought I'd share something I've started to do for him.

This was a note I left my roommate on our fridge white board to let him know where I was going to run and what time I expect to be back.  

He was the first person to voice his concern for my safety when I go out running and cycling all over town since I don't typically carry my phone or any form of ID.  So now I make sure to let him know where I am going when he's not out of town.  That way he knows where to go search for me if I don't come back in a reasonable amount of time.  He very much appreciates it. 

1.  Do you get excited when you get packages? or have you out grown that?

2.  Do you have any questions about he Sigvaris socks or suggestions for what to touch on in my review?
I'll be taking suggestions for at least a couple weeks, so feel free to come back to me later if you don't have anything right now.

3.  When you go outdoors to train, do you let anyone know where you're going to be?
I was surprised to hear from multiple people that they never even considered carrying ID or similar items (phone, a note for the EMT).  I wish I could get a Road ID.  I think those things are incredibly useful for frequent outdoor athletes!

Stay fit.  Stay healthy. 


Chelsea said...

I TOTALLY get excited when I get packages. I feel like fort making is a lost art!

I am pumped to hear about the socks. I am curious about compression socks, but hesitant to do my own research, so I am totally using you as a reference lab rat.

I used to tell my roommate when I would go to the gym at our apartment complex and my estimated time of return because there were a few notorious creepers who frequented the facility. After getting lost in the woods once and being spit out in an abandoned industrial park once (on Halloween no less ) I always carry my phone on long runs, strapped to my arm. This is mainly due to my phone's Pandora playing ability, but it has proven useful on more than one occasion when I have let my curiosity get the better of my common sense and ventured down paths unknown. GPS to the rescue.

Coy Martinez said...

I love the "heavy flow tampons" on the board! Classic!

I usually always try to either carry a phone or tell people where I'm going. Especially since I'm a girl.

Good photography skills!

5 Miles 2 Empty said...

Um, yep. Naked runner here, usually. Although I worry about it often, especially since I almost died on a bike ride.

I really started to worry about it when I lived in WA and my hubby deployed to Iraq. I didn't really have a support system set up AT ALL. I was all alone... =( And I got to worrying that I would get hit by a car and no one would know me or who I was or even that I had a kiddo at the Montessori up the street. He would be all alone too!! So I started to put a note in my pocket, on the inside of my shorts. Questionable that they would even find it. As I got more of a support set up and I got better and put a ICE paper in my fuel belt during long runs. It is really kind of a scary thought though being in a place with no family and no one to even notice if you don't come home.

It's so important I need to get a Road ID. I'm too cheap right now though.

I LOVE BOXES!!! Especially big ones full of fun stuff!

CupCake said...

I LOVE getting packages!! Yay for boxes.

I usually carry at least my ID with me, if not my phone (though how I'm going to do that now that the weather is getting warmer, I've no idea).

Colleen said...

I love mail of any kind... even catalogs! :)

GET A ROAD ID! Totally worth the $ - they really aren't that expensive. And you can usually find a $2 off code on the internet!