Saturday, April 30, 2011

Week In Review (04/23-29/2011)

Week in Review
Saturday April 23rd through Friday April 29th


1.  Meg @ Watch MeGo Run and her family ran/walked a 5k in Bell Isle.  I'm just a little jealous of her active family.  Read her awesome race report including all the details on her medal HERE

2.  Kristin @ Bigger Girls Can Run Too hit a new 5k PR at the Running for Life 5k.  Check out her rainy race report HERE

3. Tonia @ Racing With Babes has committed herself to not only being an amazing runner, but to being a true triathlete!  She's got a special goal for 2012.  Check out what it is HERE.

4. Kris @ @Endurance obtained his first sponsor!  Check it out HERE.  


1.  Thinking about running Boston in the future?  Mel @ Tall Mom on the Run has some suggestions for you.  Make note of them HERE

2.  Interested in the biomechanics of the elite Boston Marathon runners?  Danny @ A Quest for Running Perfection posted a video of them in slow motion.  It's amazing to see how different everyone runs.  Check it out HERE

3.  Steve @ Steve in a Speedo?! Gross! posted an awesome Duathlon workout, not to mention he seems to be able to crush it like an elite!  Check out his workout HERE

4.  Have you fallen victim to expecting immediate results?  I know I have.  Amanda @ Run to the Finish posted a blog about her own adventures with expecting immediate results and how to avoid falling victim to loss of motivation due to no results.  Honestly, I think everyone should read this!  Check it out HERE

5.  And to follow that up, Big Daddy Diesel posted ten things every athlete (heck, person) should know.  Check them out HERE.

6.  Ron @ Do or Do Not, There Is No Tri had an article published about the ever argued topic of shoe selection.  Check out the link in his post HERE

7.  Marni @ TriMarni - A Blog Dedicated to Exercise, Nutrition, and My Life posted a blog entry covering information about NSAIDs, anti-inflammatory drugs, and their use in athletics.  Read it HERE

8.  Runnergirl Training posted a link to answer the question of "Which should you do first, cardio or weight lifting?"  Check it out HERE

9.  Evan @ Getting Off the Bench And Into The Triathlon asked for two pieces of advice you would give a newbie triathlete.  The comments to his post are a very good collection of thoughts and ideas even for seasoned triathletes.  Check it out HERE.

10.  Steve @ Science of Running goes over the evolution of hydration.  They used to think the more weight you lost during a run, the faster you ran.  CRAZY!  Check it out HERE.  


1.  It's that time of year again for annoying bugs!  James @ PowerMultisport has some rather unconventional and hilarious suggestions on how to deal with the pesky deer and horse flies.  Check it out HERE

2.  Fit Bloggin' 11 Conference.  Heather @ Run Faster Mommy put in her name for a chance to go for free.  Check out her amazing post HERE.

3.  Richelle @ Running Towards a Higher Calling went out to run the Jelly Bean Virtual Race and did it in STYLE!  Check out her Easter-inspired running outfit HERE

4.  Test your knowledge on distance running history.  Danny @ A Quest for Running Perfection posted a running article along with questions about the history of distance running.  How many do you know the answer to?  I only knew three.  Check it out HERE

5. EMZ @ If I Can't Convince You -- I'll At Least Confuse You posted a story about how she got two treadmills donated to her 24 hour run after having been ignored by Nordic Track.  It's amazing to see people helping each other!  Check out the story HERE.

6.  What's your thought on triathletes?  Great group of people or the worst bunch of idiots on earth?  Well, Austin @ Enjoy the Ride shared a link to what is becoming quite a popular post from another site that absolutely bashes triathletes.  It's quite an interesting read!  Check it out HERE.  


1.  Amanda @ Run to the Finish has a Summer Hydration Giveaway HERE

2.  SuperMom @ See Mom Run Far has a Races2Remember Giveaway HERE

3.  Hungry Running Girl has a Sporty Girl Jewelry Giveaway HERE.

4.  Aimee @ I Tri To Be Me has an Auria Exceed Earphone Giveaway HERE.  

5.  Amanda @ Run to the Finish has an Amy's Kitchen food Giveaway HERE

6.  Mel @ Tall Mom on the Run has a Giveaway making use of a LOT of products - GU, Hydrapak, Ryder's Glasses, Pearl iZUMI, and Road ID.  Lots to win.  Enter HERE

7.  Amanda @ Run to the Finish has a second Giveaway for the book Long May You Run HERE



Stay fit.  Stay healthy. 


Run with Jess said...

Okay, this is my favorite post of the week! I've been so behind on my reading with it being "race week" and all... so this one a great news feed to get caught up. Thanks!!

Richelle said...

Once again, thanks for the shout-out!

Colleen said...

I love these updates. They keep me in the loop when life gets busy! :)

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

i love these kinds of posts, I always find new bloggers I didn't know about before! thanks for the shout out this week!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Thanks for the shout out, this was an impressive post