Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday 50/50 Part IV

For the new blog followers out there, the Friday 50/50 is a post I will be using to share some things I highlighted in Dean Karnazes and Matt Fitzgerald's book 50/50.  

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So without any further ado, let's get back to the regularly scheduled program, brought to you by Dean Karnazes, Matt Fitzgerald, and the letter 'K.'

13.  On the Go Fuels
I know plenty of people spend time testing out some of the hundreds (maybe thousands) of race and training fuels out there.  I know Megan @ Watch MeGo Run posted HERE yesterday about how she was going to test Shot Bloks out on Sunday.  Would you like to know what Dean Karnazes suggests for racing fuels?  Here's a spoiler, Shot Bloks are on there!

Clif Shot Bloks
Sports Beans Energizing Jelly Beans
Ginger People Ginger Chews
Peet's Coffee Chocolate Covered Expresso Beans
Sharkie's Organic Energy Fruit Chews

So Megan, I'm sure Dean would say you've got a good chance of liking the Shot Bloks! 

14.  Boosting the Immune System
Who here has overdone their training and ended up getting sick?  I've done it more times than I'd like to mention.  Dean gives some suggested foods for battling training's attack on the immune system.

Mushrooms - This natural fungi boosts the function of the immune systems natural killer cells (NKC's)
Echinacea - Studies debate, but it has been shown to reduce the severity and duration of colds
Garlic - It contains Allicin which enhances the immune function
Probiotics - These boos the good bacteria in your gut.

15.  Better Together or Showing Off?
Arizona Stat University did a study comparing the maximal weight lifting ability of men and women in three scenarios; competing against each other, in the presence of each other, and alone.  Which scenario do you think created the greatest ability?  When competing against and when in the presence of others, both men and women showed greater weight lifting ability over when alone.  Similar results have been shown with running.  Is it our nature to show off?

A study was done on elementary children and running.  Interestingly, only the boys ran faster when in competition than in a solo time trial.  I bet the girls were just too busy chatting and looking at flowers!  I even realize that boys are more competitive at an earlier age than girls (Yes, TMB.  Your girls may be one exception.)  Thoughts?

16.  Chafing
I bring this topic up for two reasons.  First, I personally LOVE to see how people dance around certain wording and images with this topic.  I read a list of gear that someone had written and there was one product description that I couldn't stop laughing at:

"Bodyglide - We all use it."

Dean states that "Many runners experience uncomfortable chafing of their inner thighs..."  True.  They also experience it in the armpit and on the nipples, but I'm always waiting to see who will finally admit "I use it on my crotch."  Anyone?

The second reason I bring this topic up is because I've debating getting a product for chafing myself.  Over the last few months as I started running again, I began noticing chafing in my crotch but then I realized it was only when I wore my running tights.  Now that I can go out with the running shorts and no tights, I'm perfectly fine; less material in the crotch to get bunched, rub, or cause irritation. 

Dean suggests Bodyglide and Aquaphor as his two favorite lubricants to battle chafing.

1.  What is your "go to" fuel in a race or training?
Thus far I've only had gatorade/water, but I need to test some of these soon.

2.  Do you eat anything specifically to help boost your side-swiped immune system during training?
I try my best to keep up on my vegetables and avoid non-nutritional foods. 

3.  Do you think girls or boys are more competitive? or are they equal?
I think boys are more naturally competitive at an earlier age. 

4.  Do you use an anti-chafing lubricant?  Are you brave enough to tell us where you use it?

Stay fit. Stay healthy. 

Disclaimer:  In the case that this is at all necessary, I have received nothing in exchange for posting these reviews on Dean Karnazes and Matt Fitzgeral’s book 50/50 and am not in search of any compensation.  All the views portrayed herein are posted of my own desire, are strictly mine and have no connection to the authors, publisher, or related individuals/organizations discussed.  However, if Dean would like to come by to run with me or send me some autographed books, I would graciously accept.  Just sayin’!


Coy Martinez said...

I'm a Roctane kinda girl. That and water. Now, with that said, sometimes I'll pack food on a marathon and eat, like a chocolate chip cookie bar. I'll eat whatever people hand out along the way, bagels, gummy bears, etc. Sure, I might have to take a stop for #2 but when I'm eating and running I always do better.

I'm gonna take a crack at the Shot Blok. Can't hurt.

Chelsea said...

Go to fuel is always fruit and veggies :-) Chewable energy! Although gatorade definitely helps for races.
Are boys more competitive than girls or are girls just more consistent? ;-)

Caroline said...

1. Go to fuel: EFS liquid shots.

2. fruits and veggies. Supplements also vit D, B12, omega 3, probiotics.

3. boys for sure.

4. do not use it.

Richelle said...

1. I'm a big fan of the Shot Bloks. I used them a lot this past year and had some stellar races.

2. I've been taking plenty of vitamins for the last four years and I don't get sick nearly as often as I used to.

3. I think boys are more competitive and girls tend to be petty and back-stabbing.

4. I don't use it. I've never had chafing issues... just knee pain and blisters. Oh, and I had a toenail fall off last year.