Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What's Your Spirit Animal?

If you had to pick an animal to represent who you are as a person, what animal would you be?  Maybe an eagle for it's magestic nature?  Maybe a raccoon for its mischievous ways?

I am a Lemming.

No, I'm not cute, cuddly, and multicolored.  Check back in June on "multicolored" though.  All other arguments you can feel free to bring up in private after class. (=P Wink, wink.  Nudge, nudge.  Say no more.  Say no more. Name that movie!)

Anyways, I am not a Lemming in the literal, now corrected sense, but more of the 1958 Disney version.  You know, the "Let's all go jump off a cliff!" type.


"Why?" you might ask.  Hmmm... let's see. 

- I have no quarrels with running in the rain, snow, cold.
- I sometimes ride my bike like I own the road despite multiple "almost got hit" situations.
- I quite enjoy rock climbing and since I don't have any safety equipment, I go without. 
- I moved my Ironman goal up from 2013 to 2012 and have even spent a couple days looking up 2011 Ironman distance races. 
- Despite recurrent shin splints, I continue running
- One day after my first Oly tri, I gave blood.  Five days later, I raced my second Oly.
- I get excited by physical challenges. 
- And most currently, despite knee/ITB pain - Runner's Knee - I continue running ever optimistic that today will be the day when it disappears!

I've had a slight case of Runner's Knee lately (completely self-diagnosed) and I'll take a day off here and there, but otherwise have no plans of stopping my training.  Yesterday, after my bike ride, I decided to do a short run to see how my legs feel.  Ten feet later, my knee hurt.  BAD!

I got some exercises from Aimee @ I Tri To Be Me and have done them three times since last night.  Thank you so much Aimee.  Today I feel GREAT!  Now, caution and logic dictate that I take time away from running.  Ha!  Caution and Logic are my annoying back seat drivers.  I'm heading out now for a three miler.  Wish me luck!
(*Kurt goes for a run*)
3 miles
19:10 total
6:23 pace

Luck is on my side.  f Yes, I know it's not the smartest thing to do when you have had knee/ITB pain, but what can I say?  I warned you.

Do as I say.  Not as I do.
Pleae don't jump off a cliff after me.
I barely qualify for the responsibility to care for myself let alone anyone else.

Now it's time for another round of ITB stretches and exercises.


1.  What animal are you?  And why?

Stay fit.  Stay healthy. 


Shelby said...

I am a whale because I cannot stop eating and I am growing in size. However, I cannot swim like a whale =(

Richelle said...

I am a cat only because it's my favorite animal. :)

Chelsea said...

I am a cross between a puppy ( I love to play outside and run and run til I fall down and nap in the sunshine) and a fish... but only the kind of fish that Dori was in Finding Nemo. (Think "Just keep running, just keep running...")


If I'm going by your criteria, I am a lemming too ...

Jenn @ A Runner's Road said...

I am def a turtle.....slow and steady wins the race! Actually cause I am pretty shy, keep to myself. And i'd love to find a rock to crawl onto and lay in the sun all day!

SeeAliEatSeeAliRun said...

Do you watch the Office? If not, then this may not be so funny but my spirit animal would be the head of an owl and the body of a tiger. I am wise AND fast! Not really...only in my dreams

Ron said...

Hey thanks for the shout out!! I always appreciate the comments. I have a large tattoo of a phoenix does that count? Why? because since I started getting my physical life in order and I feel reborn. Sorry to hear about the physical ailments hope they work themselves out.

Coy Martinez said...

I think I'm a horse. I run because that's just what I do and I'll occasionaly run through a fence because I'm not careful.

I'm soo not careful.

SingingJo said...

The animal I am about to choose is not one I would normally identify with, except that my parents have one and he is reminding me of myself right now.

My parent's doberman Neo is happy and goofy, and unbelievably clumsy. Right now he is recovering from a torn ACL and as soon as it feels a bit better he goes around running like a madman until he hurts it again. Over and over. Apparently, I am a doberman.