Saturday, April 9, 2011

Week in Review (04/02-08/2011)

Week in Review
Saturday April 2nd through Friday April 8th


1.  Meg @ Watch MeGo Run ran the Martian 10k and hit a new PR despite the fact that she hit some bumps and had to stop and walk a bit.  Just think of what she could do if she could run the entire thing?  Racer on the loose!  Check out her race report HERE

2.  Signing up for a new race is sometimes more difficult than the race itself.  I'd like to congratulate Summer @ Blue Line Runner for signing up for her first triathlon!  Not only is it her first, but it's an Oly (not a sprint).  I love the inner challenge.  I'm sure she'll be looking for advice, so check out her blog post HERE.

3.  Sam @ Run With Sam made use of the Cherry Blossom 10 Mile Race as the first portion of that day's long run.  So not only did she run the 10 mile race, but she pulled out an extra 13 miles after that.  Way to go!  Check out the report HERE

4.  Caroline @ Canadian in Exile ran the Seal Beach 10k.  Read her report HERE

5.  Birthdays are a type of Congratulations, right?  Either way, Richelle @ Running Towards a Higher Calling had her birthday this past Tuesday.  Check out her slightly early birthday celebration HERE

6.  Dizzle, Tonia's daughter @ Racing With Babes ran the VA 529 Kids Run this past weekend and it was unanimous, she beat all the other five year olds AND PR'd.  Awesome job Dizzle.  Check out her race recap and future goals HERE.

7.  Tawnee @ Tri*Tawn raced in the Ironman 70.3 California and finished 8th in her age group.  Read her awesome race report HERE

8.  Matt @ Chronicles of Matt also raced Ironman 70.3 California.  As with Tawnee, this is Matt's second time racing at Oceanside.  Check out his race report HERE


1.  Ever wondered how much protein you should consume either post-workout or throughout a training schedule?  Marni @ TriMarni - A Blog Dedicated To Exercise, Nutrition, and My Life posted an excerpt from an article in SCAN Pulse talking about research on protein and exercise.  Read it HERE

2.  Heidi @ TriAngel posted a guest blog by Austin @ Enjoy the Ride which points out how women are actually better suited physically for endurance sports, specifically the Ironman.  I couldn't agree more from multiple articles I've read on stats for ultrarunning.  Ditch the thought of it being a "Man's World" and check the article out HERE.

3.  Running Form.  Steve @ Science of Running put up an awesome post about how to think of your running form - is this aspect an active or passive movement - and thereafter whether it should be adjusted or you should stay away from it like the plague.  It's a bit lengthy, but it really is an awesome article.  You'll learn a LOT from it.  Read it HERE.

4.  Triathletes!  Do you know how fast your run should be?  James @ PowerMultisport goes over how to calculate where your run should be in the final installment of his Tri-Clinic review.  Check it out HERE

5.  Everyone knows about run training programs.  Runnergirl Training enlightened me that there are programs out there for triathlon training as well.  Check out her post HERE

6.  Running backwards.  It's actually incredibly beneficial to your running.  James @ PowerMultisports posted a guest blog about the benefits and details.  Read it HERE

7.  Looking for fellow endurance sport athletes?  Chloe @ Chloe is... found a site called and it's a great place for female endurance athletes to meet and find each other.  Check out her post HERE.

8.  James @ PowerMultisports posted an interesting tidbit about his run training; the fact that he has a very high frequency/volume schedule.  It struck me as odd, but after reading it, I'm interested in trying it.  Give it a read HERE.  


1.  Remember Buddy from last week's review?, Colleen and Tom's dog from IRONDIVA.  Colleen says he's getting much better and thanks everyone for their kind wishes, thoughts, and prayers.  Buddy certainly seems to be on the mend, but has a ways to go.  Check out how he is HERE

2.  Austin @ Enjoy the Ride posted some fun visual inspiration for those who give up too easily.  Check it out HERE.

3.  No joke, everyone needs to go watch this short video.  201Ironman posted a commercial from Clif Bar depicting their suggestion for how to train for the Ironman swim.  You will watch this at least five times!  Check it out HERE.

4.  Ever wonder what celebrities think of running?  Caroline @ Canadian Runner in Exile found a quick article posting comments by anti-running celebrities.  It's quite funny.  Check it out HERE.

5.  Katie @ Run for the Bikini posted an AMAZING video of an 89 year old working out.  If there's one thing that motivates me to continue training and working out, it's seeing people in their 60's, 70's, and 80's out doing triathlons (I've seen it with my own eyes) and I hope to no end that I'm able to do the same!  Check out the video HERE.  


1.  Tonia @ Racing With Babes is doing a Races2Remember giveaway.  Enter HERE.

2.  Megan @ Muncher Cruncher is doing an April 2011 Playlist Mix giveaway.  Enter HERE

3.  Dion @ Favicon Fixer is giving EVERYONE a free favicon.  Check it out HERE.  (A Favicon, explained HERE, is the icon next to your URL). 


1.  I put up a review this week of CEP All Sport Compression Calf Sleeves.  Check it out HERE

Stay fit.  Stay healthy.


SingingJo said...

Hey Kurt! Gotta hand it to you, your blog is CHOCK FULL of awesome stuff and info. Nice job!

I have training blog too. On my way to my first half, then eventually an ironman.

Gluck man! Keep it up!


Meg O @watchmegorun said...

thanks for including me in the congrats! I always feel so special when I make your blog posts :)

Coy Martinez said...

Thanks for all the info! It's handy to post all that stuff!

Caroline said...

thanks Kurt!
love this weekly post! you put a lot of effort into these..thank you. and thanks for including me!

Tri-James said...

Kurt - I love the recap. Sometimes I miss something and know you will have it documented.

Oh, and thanks for the shout out X3. I guess I need to review something and have a contest - maybe next week for both. lol

Colleen said...

Thanks for the shout out... Buddy appreciates it! :)

Richelle said...

Thanks for the shout out once again! I really liked that Clif Bar video... hilarious!