Thursday, September 16, 2010

Yesterday & Today

Yesterday's workout was a bit late in the day, so my apologies for not having it up until now.

Yesterday's cross-training workout:

1.  Up-Downs (10 reps with 10lb weights)
2.  Crunch Ups (3 sets of 10 sit ups and 20 crunches)
3.  Push Ups (30 reps)
4.  Squats (30 reps)
5.  Side Turns (15 reps)
6.  Bicep Curls (20 reps with 50 lbs)


7.  Up-Downs (10 reps with 10 lb weights)
8.  Crunch Ups (3 sets of 10 sit ups and 20 crunches)
9.  Push Ups (30 reps)
10.  Squats (30 reps)
11.  Side Turns (15 reps)
12.  Bicep Curls (20 reps with 50 lbs)

Today's run:

Distance:  5k (3.18 miles)
Time:  22:04 (6:55/mile)
Music of choice: Missy Higgins
BPM: N/A (forgot my watch, so I couldn't take it)

Comments: I'm finding that a longer stride and a bit faster pace (just over conversational) leaves me feeling SO much better both during and after the run.  The longer stride I think helps keep my body from moving much vertically, which keeps my diaphragm from giving me problems.  Also, my feet tend to not have any issues (ball pain, toe blisters, etc) with the longer stride.  I haven't attempted anything beyond a 5k at that pace, but I'm hoping I can soon.

For the few of you reading, I want to point out that I added a new "gadget" as Blogger calls it to the side bar.  Below the "What is an Ironman?" text box, I have a "Distance Tally."  I'm going to be keeping track of the total distance that I've swam, biked, and ran both in training and racing from the first day I started the blog forward.  Thus far I only have running up because that's all I've done and that value comes from the running total on my MapMyRun account.  Personally, I've watched some youtube videos about Ironman training that talk about the incredible amount of time it takes to really prepare and I'm hoping to eventually look at that tally and say proudly "Yeah, I did that!"

My plan is to do three days in a row of running, so tomorrow should be another 5k or maybe I'll push it to 5 miles.  Then on Saturday I'll do my long run; I'm hoping to make it 10 miles.  I'm working through some lower calf tension (not pain, just tension), but we'll see how it all goes.


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