Friday, April 10, 2015

I'm Going to Colorado!

 ...for "vacation."  Bummer!

I've had the idea in the back of my head of moving out to Colorado ever since college.  So what?...  That was around 2006.  I had applied to both UC Denver and UC Boulder for grad school, but I failed to get into either.  After grad school here in CT, I had softly laid plans for moving.  Once I dove into triathlon, I've looked into doing races out in Boulder with the thought of attaching extra days to the trip so that I could look around and get a feel for the area.  But after all those failed plans, FINALLY something came up and I made the decision to GO FOR IT!  

 If THIS was my backyard, I would NEVER make it into work!!

I will be spending a week (6 nights and 5 days) in Boulder, Colorado soaking up the Rocky Mountains, the outdoors-oriented culture, and... well, I'm not sure what else.  I'll figure that out later.  I head out in 24 days!!  Woohoo!!

Now arguably the bigger part of the announcement.

I am spending a week in Boulder, Colorado with Mirinda Carfrae and Siri Lindley!  I am going for a triathlon training camp through Triathlon Research and I am pretty darn excited. 

To be the best, you have to learn from the best.  Right?  Or at the very least, they can help you.  So I will be taking a week (and my vacation for this and probably a few years to come) to work with some of the best... 

  • Mirinda Carfrae (3x Ironman World Champion)
  • Siri Lindley (Mirinda Carfrae’s Coach)
  • Bobby McGee (6-Time Olympic Running Coach)
  • Ivan O’Gorman (Mirinda and Crowie’s Bike Fitter)
  • Eney Jones (Siri and Mirinda’s swim coach)
  • Charlotte Saunders (Siri’s Squad nutritionist)
  • Seton Claggett ( Founder)
  • Erin Carson (Mirinda’s strength coach)

A week of one-on-one sessions, groups sessions, talks, LOTS of questions, and MUCH MUCH more!  This is an opportunity to truly act like a dry sponge and soak eeeeeeeeeeeeverything up.  Speaking of which...

What would you want to ask the professional coaches?

Let me know!  I'm amassing a list of questions to put to them and the more heads we put together, the better the list will get.  PLEASE send me your questions!


1.  Where would your dream vacation be?
I am not a beach person.  I prefer an adventure to typical "relaxation," so anywhere there is something new or interesting to check out is good with me.

2.  Is your dream vacation active or not?
I don't sit still very well, so I am on the active side.  Sit me on a beach and I last 5 minutes if you're lucky.

3.  What would you want to ask the professional coaches listed above?
I'm looking to amass a list of questions to ask, so PLEASE feel free to add to it.