Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Motivation Dip

After 14 days of training and 1 day off, I felt my first dip in motivation.  I really did not feel like doing much today.  I reasoned with myself that I should do at least something but that I didn't have to push it, so I settled for a cross-training day.  I'm not sure why though - those are the worst days thus far.

Anyways, I'm glad to have a few races coming up.  They will certainly help me stay on focus and continue training.  My first 5k will be this Sunday (Sept. 26th) in West Hartford.  Then my 2nd 5k will be the following Sunday (Oct. 3rd) at UCHC.  Finally, my half marathon will be in Hartford on the 9th of Oct.  

Today's cross-training workout:

1.  Up-Downs (10 reps with 10lb weights)
2.  Crunch Ups (3 sets of 10 sit ups and 15 crunches)
3.  Push Ups (30 reps)
4.  Lunges (20 reps)
5.  Side Turns (15 reps)
6.  Bicep Curls (15 reps with 50 lbs)


7.  Up-Downs (15 reps with 10 lb weights)
8.  Crunch Ups (3 sets of 10 sit ups and 20 crunches)
9.  Push Ups (40 reps)
10.  Lunges (30 reps)
11.  Side Turns (15 reps)
12.  Bicep Curls (20 reps with 50 lbs)

Given my first motivation speed bump today, I'll let myself "cool off" this week prior to my first race.  It may be good to let my body rest a bit more than usual before pushing myself pretty hard this Sunday.  It's not that I couldn't still do it after a normal week of training, but my calves have been continuously sore and I'd prefer to know that come the 9th, I don't have any injuries.

So... the plan is to do a 5k run tomorrow, some sort of cross-training on Thursday, and then a run both on Friday and Saturday.  Then Sunday I race.


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