Monday, September 6, 2010

Reflection and My First Hurdle

I've spent the last hour or so watching my youtube Ironman videos and after watching a few videos on the amount of training that goes into one of these races, I started thinking about my own training.  I thought back over today's run (the 8k) and I came to a completely new perspective.

First, the furthest I've ever run is a 10k, and that was during an Olympic Triathlon.  And my biggest hurdle is the mental aspect of running; I hate running for long distances because it gets boring and I have too much time to convince myself that a blister is worth stopping for, a cramp should be worked out, or any of the other million excuses.  I'm by no means even a decent runner, but today I ran for 40 minutes straight.  That's a first.  I may not have ran well and I'm sure in a year I'll look back and think I ran badly, but today I made my first step to overcoming that first hurdle.  Maybe tomorrow I'll shoot for an hour.

Here's to pushing your limits!


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