Friday, September 17, 2010

For Those Who Want To Lose Weight

Today's workout:

Distance:  5k (3.18 miles)
Time:  22:13 (6:58/mile)
Music of choice: Shuffle
BPM: 156
Sweat Rate: 2.4 L/h

 I'm shooting to do 10 miles tomorrow.

Now, for those who are always looking for ways to lose weight!  I've kept from saying anything about this for a few days because I know personally how much my body weight can change, but after three days at a pretty constant level I feel I can say with some certainty that I have stably lost 10 pounds in ten days (take that corporate diet plans!).

I started the blog at 175 lbs and returned from my vacation to N.C. at the same weight.  Ten days later I started keeping track of my sweat rate and was surprised to see that my first pre-run weigh in was 164 lbs.  I thought I was just low, but I have maintained 164-166 for the last three days.  You have access to all of my workouts.  My eating habits have become slightly healthier (more vegetables in my meals and fruit for snacks) as of the last ten days.  I am by no means going hungry; quite the opposite.  I eat more volume of food now than I had before starting the training.  However, the type of foods I eat are less fatty and my training has increased my metabolism.  One thing I've always told any friend of mine on a diet - don't just change your eating habits, get to the gym now and again as well.  It's a killer combination.  You don't train without cross-training, why diet with only one focus?

Oh, something I'll talk about in the future is a guy named Tim VanOrden who is the founder of  I watched a few of his youtube videos today about how he is testing his athletic ability while on a raw vegan diet.  The idea was pretty intense and would certainly bring me back around to reanalyzing general nutrition. I'm hoping I can get ahold of him personally to ask a few questions, but we'll see.  I'll come back and talk about that later down the road.

Keep up the fitness guys (and gals!).  Ciao!

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