Monday, June 10, 2013

RACE REPORT: 2013 Rev3 Quassy Half Rev


The day began at 3:30 am when my alarm clock went off.  Thank GOD I'm a morning person!  After seeing my "Heading to Quassy" post on Facebook, a friend of mine responded...

"Type A personalities = already up at 3:45 on race day."

I beg to differ.  I was up at 3:30am, parked three rows from bike out/in, and was the first athlete into transition.  Is there such a thing as Type AA?!

Setting up transition.

I had my typical breakfast; 3 eggs, steel cut oats, banana with peanut butter, and toast.  After getting into transition, I got everything set up. 

My nice large transition area!
Thank you to whoever it is that continues to not show up for Rev3 Quassy next to me and my friend (the Cannondale on the right).  

The pros started at 6:50 am and my wave didn't go off until 7:40 am, so while the race got kicked off down by the water, I took a rest in my car.  Around 7:00 am, I pulled out the riding gel, bodyglide, and wetsuit.  I got suited up and headed down to the water.  Fifteen minutes before race start, I took my favorite Clif Vanilla gel and hopped into the water for a warm up - a GREAT additive Rev3 put into place this year. 


1 minute...
30 seconds...
10 seconds...
5 seconds...
** AIR HORN **

And we're off!!  Me and all my orange capped males under 35 were off for a hot race day!  Right from the start, I had two goals for the swim, 1) draft and 2) stick to a consistent pace.  Luckily, I ended up in the middle of a pack which made drafting up through buoy three pretty easy.  Just before the first turn buoy, I pulled slightly left of the group and drafted a single guy around the buoy.  At this point, the pack broke up and started taking over the previous groups.  There were a few guys I was able to go between as I made my way to the second turn buoy.  From there to the finish, I was ultimately on my own while overtaking plenty of swimmers.  My body felt like it had found a rhythm and I stuck with it.

I swam until my fingers touched the beach and popped up.  I stripped off the wetsuit top, hit the grass, and tore off the bottom while I still had the water running through.  I jumped up and crossed the timing mat with my wetsuit in hand, feeling pretty good about my swim.  I hit the watch and was pleasantly surprised.

Currently in 8th of 53 in M25-29
62nd of 997 overall
4:12 behind the division leader


As you run across the timing mat, there is a continuous incline up to transition.  While I felt great on the swim, I was surprised to find I was a bit out of breath running up the incline.  I found my bike, flung the wetsuit into my very LARGE transition area, put on my glasses, strapped on my helmet, grabbed my bike, and headed out the bike exit.

Currently in 3rd of 53 in M25-29
35th of 997 overall
3:28 behind the division leader

Apparently I rock transitions!  I passed 5 people in my division, 27 overall.  Awesome!!



If I am ever a race director, the above area will be changed.

One side for stationary mounting and the other for flying mounts.  More than a few times, I've run up to the mount line and have to maneuver around or between cyclists who stop RIGHT ON THE MIDDLE OF THE LINE to s-l-o-w-l-y get on their bike.  Thoughts?

Once on the bike, I slipped my feet into the shoes and began cycling out the park.  The first 1.5 miles are downhill/straight, so I strapped on my shoes and got going!  Here are the section break downs.

Course Section              Best In Training       Goal             Race Day

Section #1                            53:49                  51:00            48:17  
Section #2                            17:22                  17:00            15:34
Section #3                            29:09                 28:00            28:07
Section #4                            33:51                  31:00             34:03
Section #5                            43:21                  41:00             45:17
TOTAL                               2:57:23                2:48:00          2:51:02

As the above times indicate, I felt great through section #2.  It took 7 miles for my labored breathing to come back to normal.  When I hit the end of Section #1, I decided to stick to the pace based on how I felt.  Through Section #2, I felt great.  I knew I was well ahead of my projected time, so I backed off and took it easier up the hills in Section #3.  I hit the goal spot on, but started to notice cramping in my quads while out of the saddle.  At this point, the heat and my lack of following my nutrition plan started getting to me.  Section #4 was slower than my training ride and Section #5 was even worse.

Overall, I had gotten 3.5-4 bottles of water down, 2.5 scoops of Hammer Perpetum, and 4-5 Clif gels. 
And on the steep hill in Section #5, I hit my max speed.

That's definitely a speeding violation.

I also got to see my amazing cheering squad on the bike.  Holly was out at Bike Aid Station #2.  And just up the next hill, I heard the rumble of what could only be a really cool car.  Yup, it was Kim with her faithful sidekick Cheryl hanging out the window with her phone snapping away photos.


That was definitely a boost to the day given the quad cramps I was starting to have.

Then I saw them again just before T2.  As we came riding up to the Quassy park, my ladies began waking up all the slumbering neighbors with their voices, noise makers, and air horns.  It was great!!

However, at the same time, I pulled up my right leg in order to unstrap my shoe.  As soon as I reached down, my hamstring cramped.  I immediately straightened my leg back out and my quad cramped.  The heat was taking more of an effect.

Currently in 10th of 53 in M25-29
79th of 997 overall
23:05 behind division leader


As I headed down the Quassy driveway, I was quite worried that my legs would seize as soon as they hit the pavement.  I dismounted and was happy to find that they worked.  Yay!

I dropped the bike off, pulled on the running socks & shoes, dropped my helmet & glasses, and grabbed all my gear, heading to the run exit.

Currently in 10th of 53 in M25-29
79th of 997 overall
22:48 behind division leader

I rock!  I just made up 17 seconds on the leader.  If only the entire race was determined by transition time!


Knowing that I was already cramping and that it was in the 80's, I grabbed a cold water and Gatorade and downed it.  Then it was out the Quassy entrance and back to the screams of my ladies!!  There wasn't a person in miles that didn't know I was coming.


I was already feeling tightness in my legs.  It was going to be a very tough 13.1 miles!!

Mile 01 - 7:10
Mile 02 - 8:47
Mile 03 - 7:47
Mile 04/05 - 17:33
Mile 06 - 9:07
Mile 07 - 8:44
Mile 08 - 10:10
Mile 09 - 7:52
Mile 10 - 7:38
Mile 11 - 9:00
Mile 12 - 7:57
Mile 13 - 9:15
Mile 13.1 - 1:56

Less than a mile later, after making it down the downhills, my legs began to cramp badly.  At two points in the next 0.1 mile, I could barely walk the cramps were so tight.  I sure wasn't going to give up, but I knew the top time goal for the day was out of the question.  As I was attempting to walk it off, one athlete handed me two salt pills.  I downed them and stretched for another 10 seconds and headed back off.  I started to wonder how long my legs could take this abuse.  

I forced myself to aid station #2 and walked through it while I downed two Gatorades and refilled my water bottle with cold water.  Then around mile 3.5, the hills began and what seemed like easy hills in training felt like I was climbing the side of a building.  I made it up the first hill and then began walking the hills.  I couldn't believe it.  Last year, I made it to mile 7 before I walked and from there, down to mile 11.  At this point, I had walked half a dozen times before finishing mile 4.

Every aid station was a water bottle refill and Gatorade.  Finally at mile 7, they had Coke.  And then I got to see my ladies again at mile 8.5.

THE best cheer squad ever!
At mile 10, I looked at my watch.  I had 27 minutes left if I wanted to beat last year's time and only a 5k.  In my head, that meant I only needed to keep a slightly faster than 9 minute mile pace.


I wish I could say I took off.  I didn't.  I actually stopped for a bathroom break and THEN headed off.  I kept an even pace for most of mile 11, hit the aid station at the last turn around, and then ran my first full mile; mile 12.  I hit the last aid station and kept going.  Just before the last hill, the athletes go under a bridge.  My ladies were at the bridge lying in wait for me.

There was no better time and place for them; I needed their cheers!  I walked a bit of the last hill and then ran it down the road and into the finisher's chute. 


Currently in 16th of 53 in M25-29
120th of 997 overall
51:24 behind division leader

16th of 53 in M25-29
120th of 997 overall


After crossing the finish line, Rev3 really got to show it's colors.  Just beyond the finish line was a bucket of ice cold water.  A volunteer reached in and grabbed a Gatorade towel from it for every finisher.  MAN did that feel good!  Another put the medal around your neck while a third grabbed the shirt size you wanted (as a note, the sizes run small this year; my medium is a bit small on me).  

Completely adorned in Rev3 Finisher's gear, I was quickly surrounded by Kurt's Crew, my cheer squad who had just run up from the bridge where they saw me only 0.2 miles ago.  I may have just raced 70.1 miles, but I could still out run them!  haha  =P

We went around with sweaty congratulation hugs...

An ice (aka, cold water) bath...

Food & a group picture!

While eating, the ladies discussed how they were all going to Tetris their way home and then someone popped in the question "Kurt, how are  YOU getting home?  You're not driving, are you?

If you recall last year, I made a rule that I'm not allowed to drive myself home after a big race because I fell asleep at the wheel while at a stop light.  So I graciously accepted their offer and allowed two of the ladies to drive me home.

Thank you Rev3 and my amazing Cardio ladies 
for making the day not only safe, 
but one to always remember!!!


It was a tough day.  I was not upset with my time.  How could I be?  I beat last year's time while dealing with 13 degrees of a higher temperature and was able to make it to the finish line without a single calf issue.  However, it was nowhere near my original high goal.  That was my fault though.

Ok, I lied.  I did have one calf issue.  The age tattoo created an inverse sunburn.  Not so much an issue as just a fun thing to explain at work.

I had a great swim.  I kept a strong, consistent pace the entire way and nailed my goal.  Booyah!

The first half of the bike was very good, but then I began to fall apart.  I started cramping at the hills, I fell off my nutrition plan, and because of that, I slowed significantly.  I may have gone out too hard, crippled myself due to lack of nutrition, or both.  Either way, I still beat last year's time, but not in the manner I had hoped. 

My run blew up in my face.  Overall, I ran slower.  However, on the positive side, I did a LOT more walking this year and only added 4 minutes to my time.  Therefore, while the previous issues ruined my ability to run continually, I maintained a faster pace while I WAS running.  That is promising.

After the race, I was happy to not have a single GI issue.  While I lacked on nutrition, it was at least an improvement on last year.  


1.  When do you get up and get to transition on race day?
I like to be there when transition opens so I have plenty of time to get things ready as to lower the number of butterflies in my stomach and so that I get a prime parking spot.

2.  What is your best leg of a triathlon?
Without a doubt, swimming is my best.  Too bad it's less than 2% of the race.

3.  Do you have races you return to year after year?  If so, is it for pleasure or hopeful revenge & vindication?
I return to Quassy for the challenge and hopeful vindication.  I have not figured this course out.  Nor do I ever expect to.  

4.  What is the best item, activity, or the like you've had or experienced post-race?
The cold water bath was such a great idea!

Dream.  Believe.  Achieve. 


Alyssa Duhe said...

Nice! Congrats on the finish.

That bike mount area looks sketchy for sure. My favorite people are the run up and stop.

I try to get to transition early but I usually get there late haha

SupermomE13 said...

Congrats on a great race. I love your reports. And it is awesome that you have a squad of girls following you and cheering for you! Very cool. :)


Gotcha beat
Had to get up at 2:30am for IMNYC... not that I wanted to....everyone had to in order to catch buses to pier.
Normally a 4:00am guy depending on race