Monday, June 3, 2013


Total Swum:  30,060 yards (17.1 miles)
Total Biked: 403.4 miles
Total Run: 48.6
Total Strength: 4 workouts
Total Yoga: 8 sessions

Greatest weekly swim mileage:  11,760 yards (6.7 miles)
Greatest weekly bike mileage:  116.3 miles
Greatest weekly run mileage:  17.9 miles
Greatest weekly no. of strength training sessions: 2

Average bed time:  10:27 pm
Average time to get up:  6:00 am
Average amount of sleep:  7:38
Average RHR:  44.9 bpm (0.9 bpm lower than April)

Monthly Goal - None
No monthly goal this time.

2013 Racing Resolutions

  1. Race 12 races throughout the year - 6 races completed!
  2. Break my 5k PR (currently 19:30 from 2010) - Completed! 17:37 at the Sandy Hook 5k!
  3. Run my 3rd Half Marathon - Completed Colchester Half Marathon
  4. Run my 2nd Marathon (for time) - Completed Hyannis Marathon in 3:18:17
  5. Run back-to-back marathons - Hartford & Newport in October
  6. Race an ultramarathon
    1. Run a 50k - WMAC Fatass 50k in December
    2. Run a 50 miler - JFK 50 in November
  7. Break my Lake T Sprint PR (58:06) - Starts in June
  8. Race an Olympic Tri - Litchfield Hills Oly in July & Lake T Oly in August
  9. Race Two Half Irons - Registered for Rev3 Quassy & HITS North County (both in June)
  10. Race an Ironman - IM Lake Placid in July
  11. Race a new event (i.e. Spartan Race)
2013 Training Resolutions
  1. Ride a double century (200 miles) - Will have to wait until June or July
  2. Once started, maintain at least one swim, one bike, and one run each week - April Fail due to injury!
  3. Maintain strength training sessions throughout the year - Success!
  4. Make use of group training sessions - I did multiple group rides this month!
  5. Do not ignore recovery - My calf has improved immensely, so SUCCESS!
  6. Maintain data log - Success!
2013 Personal Resolutions
  1. Do 12 things that scare me throughout the year - Still only one down!
    1. #1 - went on my first date in three years (don't expect a blog entry about this one)
    • I am taking any suggestions!!
  2. Obtain a 2nd coaching position - Currently coaching two private clients and I have two marathon programs lined up; one starts in late June, the other in September.
  3. Make time to visit my sister in PA.  This one's looking harder every month.
  4. Compile and keep a list of recipes / meal ideas - The Recipe Book tab is underway!  New recipe every Friday.
  5. Continue eating healthy - Success!
  6. Continue cooking from home - Sudcess!
  7. Continue personal reading - Finished 'Clash of Kings' and onto Joe Friel's 'The Triathlete's Bible'
  8. Put 10% of my income into savings! - I saved 10.6% this month; 25% for the year.  However, that was only because I was able to hold out on a few payments that will now come early this month.  Next month will feel a little extra pressure, but will also have an extra paycheck.  =D

1.  How was your May?

Dream.  Believe.  Achieve. 

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Anonymous said...

LOVE #3. Same goes for me. <3 you. -your baby sis.