Friday, September 23, 2011

Four Facts Friday

So I missed Three Things Thursday...

Now I get to pick up the alliteration trend and start the hottest new frenzie - Four Facts Friday.

Don't deny it!  It's ok.  You're jealous. You wish you came up with this first, huh?  It's understandable.  But don't worry.  For a nominal fee, I'll let you post a F.F.F. entry as well.  I take all major credit cards, cash, and four course meals.

Anyways...  Onto the info.

First and foremost...
After asking for advice for my upcoming marathon - which by the way is in October of yes, THIS year - I've been promptly frightened into testing my endurance and doing a super long run.  I've done 7, 8, and 10 mile runs, but I've never gone past 13.1 miles.  By the irony of it all, my friend and fellow coach has a 20 mile run planned this Saturday (tomorrow), so I'm going to join her and see how far I make it.  Thankfully, she also has her aunt who's quite the experienced runner tailing us as a mobile aid station.  At this point I doubt I'll hit the entire 20 miles, but I figure it's the best time and opportunity to test myself at it.  Wish me luck!

Second and saucy...
I was listening to the radio the other day on my way home from work when they played an interview they had with Tony Horton about the new P90X II coming out.  I don't know how many of you have done, attempting, or thought of trying the P90X videos, but I've always been curious about it.  Well, part way into the interview, after talking about some of the differences between this and the original video series, the radio host asked about the fact that P90X II has no cardio to speak of.  In response, Tony said (paraphrased)...

"If you think about it, how many sports or activities are cardio based?  A football field is only 100 yards.  A basketball court is even shorter.  Most sports are based on short bursts of activity.  Unless you're looking to swim, bike, or run which are the real cardio-based activities, you don't need to have a cardio focus in your routine."

So wait...  You're telling us Tony that triathletes should just ignore your entire series?  I know that's not what he meant and I'm sure he'd have a response about how P90X still has several benefits for us, but I couldn't help but have a good laugh at that for all triathletes out there.

Third and thirsty...
It seems that the change of weather has been a cause for illness.  One of my coworkers was sick over the weekend and ended up calling out on Monday; turned out to be an allergy issue.  I went in early to help cover the hours.  Then another coworker ended up falling ill a couple days later and I switched my schedule to cover those hours as well.

I'm the type of person that rarely gets sick.   I get it from my dad.  But the downside is that when I get sick, it's MAJOR!  You get a cold, I get Mono.  You get sniffles, I get strep throat, bronchitis, and frostbite all at once.  My immune system is lock tight 99% of the time, but when it breaks down, it falls hard.  I'm hoping there isn't a bug going around, but just in case I'm upping my veggie, orange juice, and airborne intake.

Fourth and funny...

First, guys!  If you look at the picture long enough, you'll notice there's an alligator.  Trust me, it's there!

Second, I have held onto this photo for awhile wanting to use it in a Friday Funny, but until today it's only been a weird, funny picture.  I will keep the details private to protect identities, but I found out that in one of the southern states (maybe more than just the one), they offer a hunting season for alligators.  During the season, you're only allowed to hunt by crossbow or harpoon.  While we learned to drive in our sophomore year of high school, this young lady bagged an 18-foot alligator!

For those in the southern states, maybe this isn't such an odd photo, but to me it was hilarious!  Not to mention that I found out she was married later that same year (yes, her sophomore year of high school).  Any chance they had alligator meat at the reception?


1.  What's the longest run you've ever done?
In races?s, 13.1 miles.   In training?, 10.5 miles.

2.  Have you ever done P90X?  Are you going to get P90X II?
I've done the yoga a few times.  

3.  Anyone else seeing illnesses going around at work this time of year?

4.  Have you ever had alligator meat?  If so, how is it?
I've heard it's very gamey.

Stay fit.  Stay healthy.  Stay safe. 


Matthew Smith said...

Good luck on the 20 miler! That's a long ways! Also, I did the p90x thing, and while I enjoyed the muscle build, I didn't notice any cardio. Tony nailed it that it ain't for triathletes that don't really want to build muscle and really want to work on cardio! That picture is hilarious!

Runners Fuel said...

I had no idea this was your first season, too. For my halfs, I always run 13 miles 2 weeks before my race and then taper from there.

RockStarTri said...

I've never run more than 13 miles in training. That streak will end in during the next few weeks. Good luck on your "Andrew Jackson!"

What alligator?

SupermomE13 said...

I bet you make the full 20.

And I live in a place where kids start hunting YOUNG, but they shoot elk and deer, and they do so fully clothed. Boring! :)

Shelby said...

If you can do a half IM you can do a 20 miler.

Good luck!

ajh said...

I'm a teacher. I often get a cold in the fall but knock on wood, none yet.

CupCake@ Bigger Girls Can Run Too said...

Have fun on the 20 miler. I'm sure you will be fine!

The longest I have ever run is 11 miles so far. I'm hoping to get to 13 by the time my half comes along. Ugh.

I've never done P90X. Never planned on it really. Just wasn't something that crossed my mind.

I have also seen a lot of illnesses. Love my antibac and airborne. Yay immune system!

And, while I've never had alligator meat, I've definitely had bison and I loved it!