Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dreams Part IV

I'll start this episode by saying that this dream did NOT involve a marathon.

If you missed the last installment, check it out HERE.  

Non-marathon crazy dream!

Last night, after going unconscious yet again (it's a great new habit of mine), I raced a triathlon.  I don't recall what type of triathlon, but I do recall that I got an entry into another big race.

When I got the race packet, the logo had a red runner and a small green swimmer.  I didn't see a bike in the logo and the race packet didn't say anything about what the race involved, but I got the race entry from a triathlon, so I figured it must be a mix up.  I packed the bike in the car anyways.  I showed up to the race and they had us sprawled out in front of the race expo; that was my first "Wait, this is weird" thought.

I walked around trying to ask the other racers "Are we doing a triathlon or just running?"  No one would answer me.  I didn't see any bikes though, so I eventually decided to leave the bike in the car.  I dropped my extra stuff off at the car and went back inside.  When I got there, everyone was gone.  I grabbed one of the expo people and asked him where everyone went.  He said they went down to T1.  "They went down to T1?  Does that mean there's a T2?  Are we doing a triathlon?"

The guy looked at me like I was crazy.  "This is a triathlon.  A mini triathlon."

I was frustrated because I didn't have time to go get my bike now and if I went to go race, I wouldn't have a bike.  That was when I woke up. 

It's obvious that Vegas is on my mind.  Hopefully I don't forget my bike.  But either way, at least my conscious and subconscious are becoming more and more aligned!

Stay fit.  Stay healthy.  Stay safe. 


SupermomE13 said...

I never have had race dreams before but this week I have had lots. Last night I dreamed that along the marathon course we had to stop and untie ropes and answer brain teaser puzzles. I was pissed!

Ransick said...

haha, I had a similar dream when I was training for NOLA. I got to T1 and couldn't find my bike. After running up and down all the rows a couple times I realized I forgot to rack it. It was still in my car.

I think it just nerves that you are unprepared (which you aren't).

Anonymous said...

Funny how you are having all these race dreams, marathons, triathlons.
I raced BMX competitively for 25+ years and had too many bike race dreams to count. Took over 2 years to finally stop dreaming about racing BMX.
Funny, I have been doing tris for over 18 months now, and don't dream about that much at all. I won't say what I dream about on here though :)

Anonymous said...

while training for my 70.3 I dreamed I got lost on the course!!!!! LOL..