Saturday, September 10, 2011


I like to think that generally I'm good about not feeling too self-conscious.  I used to know that feeling VERY well and I never liked it.  I've enjoyed becoming myself and feeling good in my own skin.  Despite that, however, I had a nice revisit from that feeling today.

The Ironman 70.3 World Championships not only brings the best of the best athletes together, but the best of the best bikes as well.  Disc wheels, Zipp wheels, Aero helmets, shiny new tri-bikes, bike shoes, etc.  As I drove up to T2 to drop off my equipment, I thought "I am going to have the oldest bike by far!" 

As I walked into T2, there were company reps marking off how many products they saw go through.  As I walked through, one of them loudly said...

"Oh-yeah.  Old school."

Then the guy who racked his bike next to me said...

"It must feel good when you pass people on that bike!"  

He meant well for sure and we both had a laugh, but the whole time I was next to my bike I kept thinking 'Please don't look at me.


I'll do my best to post some time predictions tomorrow AM.  Feel free to follow on

Stay fit. Stay healthy.  Stay safe. 


Unknown said...

You're there to race YOUR race, don't let what others think about your equipment throw you off. Show 'em what you've got! Good luck and have fun!

Karen said...

Have a great race! In tennis, they always say "it is the player no tthe racquet that matters". Don't sweat the bike, run your race!

Matthew Smith said...

Sometimes you've got to do your thing and not worry about what everyone thinks. You're doing the world championship, so who freaking cares!