Saturday, September 3, 2011

New Shiny Things & Why We're All Crazy

Everyone loves new things!
And I know you're all wondering why "normal" people think you're crazy.

So here I am...
With all the answers.

Today after coaching and a lake swim, I stopped at the bike shop to get a new tube and some clif shot bloks for Vegas.  While I was there, the owner told me that if I go to Fleet Feet and buy anything to show them my Newington Bike receipt and I'll get a free gift.  Wouldn't you know, I already planned on heading to Fleet Feet for some new shoes!

To cut a long story short, these are my shiny new kicks! 

New Balance M880

I tried out a number of other shoes and I veered away from stability shoes for these neutrals.  I also tried on a number of the minimalist shoes and found out that they don't make them in larger widths.  FAIL!  I fell in love with the Adidas Manas, but they were way too narrow.  Despite that fact though, I could feel that I didn't have any issue with a partial heel strike while running and the road felt so incredibly responsive.

Dear Adidas,
If you find it in your heart to make the Manas in a wide
please be kind enough to let me know.  
I'll take two!

Oh, and you can't forget the freebie!  For making a purchase both at Newington Bike AND Fleet Feet in the same day, I got to choose between one of those synching back packs or a water bottle.  I've gotten a lot of use out of the one from Ironman 70.3 Rhode Island, so took the backpack.  Yay free stuff!!

Now onto the arguably more important issue...  Why We're Crazy

I'm sure you've all wondered about the stares we get in public, the "you're crazy" facebook posts, and the scoffs from friends when we say we can't go out with them because we have to be up before the sun for our morning workout.  Well, I'm here to tell you exactly why they think we're crazy.

We buy socks for $17 a pair!

That's right.  We don't just buy the multi-pack of Hanes or Fruit of the Loom white cotton socks, we search high and low for the moisture wicking non-cotton, holy allah of socks.  Right?  You do that, don't you?  Please don't let me think I'm crazy.

While I was at Fleet Feet buying my shoes, I asked about socks.  I've been having some issues with blisters inbetween my toes during my long runs and I asked if they'd suggest toe socks.  Well, it turns out that they suggested wool socks instead.  Please tell me if you feel differently.  What I was told was that wool is the best wicking material and will keep you dryer longer.  We shall see how they hold up.


1.  What are your plans for the Labor Day weekend?
I had today off, but I work tomorrow through Wednesday in order to have 5 days off for Vegas next week.  No labor day picnic for me. 

2.  What are your opinions on wool athletic apparel?

3.  Have you tried or do you have minmalist shoes?  Do you know of ANY that come in a wide?

Stay fit.  Stay healthy.  Stay safe. 


Shelby said...

Wow-wool socks-I have heard this from my super marathoner friends. I have only heard of them wearing them in cold weather though?!

Labor day plans-sit out on the beach and sleep.

I have a pair of New Balances I just got, they are a lighter pair of shoes and very nice-however I as well am a D width and shoes aren't nearly wide enough for me =(

Good luck in LAS VEGAS!!!

Anonymous said...

No plans really, I'm running a half marathon tomorrow as a training run. Yes, the prb with most minimalist shoes is they STILL are making the toe box to narrow. This is defeating the whole purpose of letting your toes splay. If you take out the insert that can help with the room. Wool apparel? Never tried it!


$17 for a pair of socks? Dude, I've paid $60. And I have no issue with it at all ...

5 Miles Past Empty said...

Yes, I'm with Toe-Knee-Uh....I have paid $60 for socks, the compression type. And for the the regular running socks, yes...I've paid up to $20 for some ankle socks. It's all good!!

No real plans for Labor Day, just chill-axing.

I do have some wool workout gear. I was worried at first that I would die of heat exhaust but have found it to be just fine.

I recently purchased the NBW10's, a minimalistic shoe. The Hubs has the NBMT10 (men's trail 10). THey are kind of wide, if that helps...but the newer version is a bit wider. So check it out!!

it's all about pace said...

I buy DeFeet socks in the grab bag for ~$4 A pair (rocking some Lubbock Community College ones today) that and a buck-fifty on a big tub of Vaseline and I'm all good... wool socks are okay but have not in my experience held up as well as DeFeet or sock guy socks