Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Excitement, News Fame, and Packing Lists

First off, I am super excited about flying out tomorrow. 

This was the first image that came up after googling "super excited."  Totally worth adding.
I'm not sure if it's because of the race, because I get to spend some time with my sister, or just because I really need a vacation, but some combination of that has me extremely pumped!!

Yay for Racecations!

Second of all, I'm on the news!  The CT Chapter of the National MS Society did an interview with me late last week and put out a media story in preparation for the MS Bike Tour coming up this weekend.  If you'd like to read the write up, it's HERE

Third of all, I wrote out a packing list while at work today and came to realize that I have about ten times as many items that I have to bring just for one 6 hour period of my trip than the remaining 86 hours!  Races are craziness.

Ok, that's all.  I need to get to bed so I can get up and spend all morning packing!!

I hope you are enjoying your Wednesday night/Thursday morning/whatever day it is now... 


1.  Have you ever had a racecation?  If so, where to?  If not, would you ever want to?
This is my first and I'm loving it already.  

2.  What's the last vacation you went on?
My last vacation (aside from time at home for holidays) was Summer of 2010.  I spend almost a week down in NC with some friends.  Before that, I hadn't been on a vacation since middle school. 

3.  If you had to suggest ONE thing for me to do in Vegas, what would it be?

Stay fit.  Stay healthy.  Stay safe. 


TriGirl said...

love your new header! i've done a racecation (it was actually my first race!) it was driving distance so that made things a little easier i think. I really enjoy the atmosphere of that small town for the race weekend.

TriGirl said...

oh! and i said it on fb but awesome article!

Courtney said...

I'm going on my first racecation to the ING NYC Marathon in November. I am so excited!! My husband and I are going for 6 days without the kids. This is only our second vacation in 12 years of marriage without the kids. It is going to be so much fun!

Our last vacation was over memorial weekend. We took the kids to FL to hang out at the beach. Love the ocean!!

I have never been to Vegas but if I went I would want to play the slot machines a few times. I hope you have a great race and a safe trip!! Good Luck!!

Coy Martinez said...

Hey Kurt! Did you read my tri blog from this past Sunday!? I had a good one, for once :) Anyway, yes, I racecation all the time! Next stop is D.C. for the Marine Corp Marathon!

mmmassage said...

How on earth has it been so long between vacations for you!? As I ask this I realize that I myself have not been good at scheduling vacations in a couple years--thank goodness for Jim's annual family reunion thing in Maine. But seriously, I would really encourage you to take more regular breaks--even from race-cations. Getting some physical space from daily stuff can really promote great mental space for revelations and self-realizations. :) NC is always available as long as we're down here!