Friday, September 30, 2011

"Put Some Clothes On!"

Today was the second time I heard that while out on a run.  Apparently long distance running apparel doesn't catch the eye of the non-running masses.  Who knew?!

On a more important note, it's a great feeling when you can transform a biking route into a running route.  I wanted to go on a 10+ mile run today, but all of my current routes are 8 or less miles.  I played around with some detours, but nothing worked besides doing multiple laps.  I switched over to my biking routes and "Hey, that route's 13 miles!"  I packed up, grabbed my debit card (because there's a bike shop along the way that sells the Clif gels and I only had two left), and was out the door!

13.03 miles in 1:52:15 (8:36 pace)

1.00 in 08:15 (8:15)
2.49 in 24:29 (9:22)
6.82 in 55:58 (8:12)
2.72 in 23:31 (8:38)

I still can't believe I dipped to above nine minute miles.  That's not cool.  Oh-well.

Time for a gloooooorious nap!!  


I also want to say "thank you" for everyone who chimed in HERE with their advice about which Ironman to do next year.  Given your advice and my ponderings, I've decided on the following...
  • Wisconsin is out; expensive registration AND travel is just too much
  • Utah is out because it's too early in the year
  • Florida is out because it'll be way too warm for my taste
  • Louisville is on the fence due to climate, but is still a possibility
  • I'm left with Arizona, Louisville, and Lake Placid.

Anyone else with Ironman experience have a piece of advice? 
Click HERE
I'd be happy to hear it. 


1.  What did you do with your Friday?
I had today off, so I of course went for my long run to avoid tomorrow's rain.  This will give me tomorrow to coach in the early AM and then r-e-l-a-x!!

2.  Any cool plans this weekend?
I was debating going hiking tomorrow, but I may just rest at home instead; we'll see how I feel tomorrow.

Swim fast.  Bike smart.  Run hard. 


Michael said...

So now I'm curious what you are wearing when you run?

I'll be doing a half marathon this weekend....looks like you already got yours done!

Matthew Smith said...

Great work on the run! That's a solid workout, and your marathon is going to be amazing!

TriGirl said...

My long runs typically include clothing...what are you (not) wearing?

RockStarTri said...

Is it a girl saying to put your clothes on and is she hot? That could put this event on a totally different spin.

Also, consider Rev3 cedar point, B2B, Great Floridian, and ChesapeakeMan unless it must be trademarked ironman,

Shelby said...

Do Arizona-Im doing Arizona next year. !!!!!