Thursday, January 5, 2012

Two Days Down... Some 300 To Go.

I sure do love being able to train again.  The rush of energy, the internal competition, the desire to be better, better, better!!  However, I admit that I miss the few minutes of relaxation I had here and there.  haha

I get up, I snack, I run (or bike), I shower, I eat, I make lunch/dinner, and I go to work.  Two days down.  Only some 300 to go!  =P

Today was back to running.  I ran the same three mile route I did on Tuesday.  Around the 1-mile mark, I looked at my watch and I was 15+ seconds over Tuesday's time.  Cue the internal competitor.  Second cue - internal coach telling me to not overdo it on my third day!  I hit the turn around at what I thought was 10 seconds over Tuesday's time (reality: I was 8 seconds UNDER).  My coach and competitor came to an agreement and I only sped up a notch or two, keeping a watch on my breathing.  Apparently, the competitor slipped one past the coach because I finished the last 1.5 mile a full minute faster than Tuesday. 

Yesterday I hit the trainer and I don't know if it's the bike, the fact that I'm plenty rested or what, but I'm faster than last season.  I was on the bike for an hour and averaged just over 21 mph.  I felt good too.  The rest of the day was void of any leg tightness or cramping, which is not the case for run days. 

Lesson #1 
My bike training is not as intense as I believe it to be.  
It needs to be increased.

I came up with some speed work drills for the bike that I'll work into my training.  Hopefully after those are implemented, I'll have a good baseline of where to keep the speed at on my longer rides so that the intensity stays where it should be. 

Daily Smile: Yesterday I smiled for hope.  Work is looking hopeful, the CardioRaiser recruiting is going well, and training is off to a great start. 


1.  Do you find that the beginning to your season is slow or a burst out of the gate?
While my schedule keeps it reigned in, I'm finding my energy higher, speed, and endurance better than expected.  No complaints here!

2.  What made you smile today/yesterday?

Swim fast.  Bike smart.  Run hard. 


Aimee said...

You averaged 21mph on your trainer?? Wow! Outside, I have a pretty good average, but I have such a hard time getting over 16mph on the trainer...ugh! Nice work!

Yay for your daily smile! :)

Matthew Smith said...

With that sweet ride of yours, I would be making up excuses to ride it too!