Sunday, January 1, 2012

Kickin' Off 2012


Here's to new beginnings, the start of a brand new season, and continually reaching for the stars!!  While I admit that I have my own mixed opinion of "resoulutions," I wish you all the best in striving for your own in 2012.  Whether it's personal, social, financial, or professional, no matter what anyone says at any point, it's YOUR resolution and come New Year's Eve 2012, we'll all sit down and discuss how we did or didn't complete our goals.  Kick it!  ...and always feel free to reach out to your friends and family (including myself - I'm here to help) along the way.

I have no "resolution," but along the lines of yesterday's year in review, I have my fair share of goals for 2012 (I admit I can be a bit of an over achiever and an optimist).  So let's get to it.

Personal Athletic Goals for 2012 (in no specific order)
  1. Test Paleo diet while in training (I'm thinking around March)
  2. Finish an Iron-distance triathlon 
  3. Plan out the Sprint, Oly, and Half schedule for reaching the 10 hour Ironman (due mid-January)
  4. Compete in 12 races over the year
  5. Compete in at least one sprint, oly, half, and full triathlon throughout the year
  6. Compete in my 2nd Half Mary (Finish in under 1:30)
  7. Complete a marathon training schedule
  8. Get certified as a personal trainer
  9. Participate in one new type of athletic event (ie. Run for your lives)

Non-athletic, personal, professional, financial goals...

  1. Eat healthy
    • Continue making regular use of Paleo foods
    • Avoid grocery store aisles as much as possible; stay in the produce, meat, and dairy departments
    • Cook at home
  2. Curfew of 10pm except for work in order to preserve my sleep schedule
  3. Listen to my body & make recovery more of a habit
    • No putting off stretching, icing, heating, and healing in general
  4. Maintain a positive budget 8 out of 12 months
  5. Increase savings by 50%
  6. Find something to be happy and smile about every day (Daily Smile)
  7. Continue personal reading

Keep up with these and all of my previous goals under the GOALS tab above.

And to kick it all off, here's my first Daily Smile...
Q: What made me smile today? 
A: Recruiting for The A Team


1.  What did you do for New Years?
I spent the night with friends playing board games and hanging out.  Then today I kicked off my CardioRaiser team and went hiking (it was in the 50s today!).

2.  How do you feel about Resolutions versus Goals?  Do you see a difference?
To me, "Resolutions" are tied to New Years and based on statistics will be dropped and forgotten by March.  "Goals" are not tied to anything but a genuine desire to better yourself. 

3.  What's your biggest resolution or goal for 2012?
I want to finish Beach to Battleship in 10 hours.  The next ten months are going to be tough!

Swim fast.  Bike smart.  Run hard. 


Anonymous said...

Hmm I'm torn on this subject as I always have certain goals but don't really put them up on Jan 1st. This year we were with friends. etc usual stuff. Happy New Year!

CupCake@ Bigger Girls Can Run Too said...

Go A-Team!!

I posted my own goals as well. Already started looking for new races to sign up for throughout the year

JC said...

I like goals, new year goals, new month goals, new week goals. Goals just cuz. The research has a lot of really positive things to say about it. If you formulate your "resolutions" in a realistic, specific way, there's no reason to not achieve them!

I'm planning to run 4 half marathons this year! Good luck to you on your goals! I'm sure you'll achieve them all!! :)

Happy New Year!

Matthew Smith said...

I'm a huge fan of making goals for the new year. Nice work on yours. You've got some good ones on there. Do you know which Ironman you're going to do yet?

Mike said...

Very solid and aggressive goals! Here's to a happy, healthy, goal achieving 2012!

Jill said...

I tend to like evaluate my year and tweak where needed for the following year. I think a big part of 2012 for me will be to just get stronger. I think that will be through training harder, more wt training, better diet :), and resting more.

I've been reading the book, "Wheat Belly" - have you read it?

Happy New Year! Can't wait to follow all your exciting adventures this year!