Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"But I don't wanna!"

How many times have you heard that?!

And aside from your kids, how many times have you heard that from yourself?

You wake up at your normal early time.  You know you have to get up and go for a run.  It's the only time of the day you can do it.  But your body just doesn't want to move.  The warm blankets feel so nice and your legs haven't even woken up yet, so you put your head down for just another minute.  Then that little voice inside says "Get up!  You have to go run!"

"But I don't wanna!"

I love this picture!  Mad Duck!
It's an inevitability that we athletes will have these days.  I finally had my first of the season today.  I had my rather cold 5k on Monday with a leg workout at the gym.  Then yesterday I cut my bike short in order to get some emails sent out.  I only did a half hour, but pushed the pace.  I got 12 miles in for 23.8mph (I'm itching for some warm weather to see what I can really do out on the road) and then did abs/back at the gym.  That made today a run day.  It's not a day off of work, so I didn't have to do a long run.  I just had to get up, get dressed, and get out on the road for three miles.  Three miles, that's nothing, right?  But my body fought me!

Three easy miles.  I kept chanting that the entire run.  After the first mile, my body warmed up, my stride opened up and I felt a little more into the run, but I had no desire to push anywhere past the requisite three miles.

In the end, my mind won out.  However, I think tomorrow will be a rest day before I push to my long run/bike this weekend.


1.  Do you have days you have to fight your body to get the day's workout in?  Do you make it through or give in?

2.  What's the one type of workout that you tend to dread more than the rest?
Speed work tends to be the worst for me. 

Swim fast.  Bike smart.  Run hard. 


Matthew Smith said...

That's what I say EVERY DAY!!!! Good for your for making your mind win and getting out there. WIN!

Coy Martinez said...

ummm yes, it happened to me this morning. I had a 120 minute bike ride to get to and that meant being on the bike at 4:30 am. I went to bed at 9 but wow is it ever tough getting up that early and riding in a dark living room. I did it tho :)

Quix said...

The warm bed won instead of a freezing cold run today, and sometimes that's ok. I'll make it up on the treadmill tonight. I LOVE speedwork but I hate hills.

SeeAliEatSeeAliRun said...

Honestly at this point, I'd give anything to be able to run again and workout the way I want to. I wake up in the morning and I say "But I want tooooooooo". I am envious!