Saturday, January 7, 2012

Strength Training

This is one of my many focuses for this season.  While I have proven I have a good amount of endurance, that I can withstand a good beating, and that my sport is viewed as 99% endurance, there sure is a good amount of power required.  Plus, I work at a gym for crying out loud!  I have zero excuses for not being able to get strength training into my schedule.

Today, I did my first strength training workout.  It was short.  It was also light.  Those of you who know me, should be very proud of me!  (I tend to overdo it when I start out)  I tried a few things for my legs and another few for my upper body.  In the end, it turns out I push myself much more during an upper body workout.  Since that is not my primary focus, this is all going to take some difficult concentration. 

So here's my question...

What do you guys do for strength training?

What muscles do you focus on?  What exercises do you do?  How often do you do your routines?  Do you do more fewer days a week or less more often?

Any advice is more than welcome!


1. What is your strength training regime?

2.  What's one piece of your perfect training plan that you slack on?
Strength training and adequate recovery/rest

Swim fast.  Bike smart.  Run hard. 


Run with Jess said...

Looking forward to the responses... I suck at strength training. definitely like doing the arms/shoulder more than legs though, which is odd, right? I'm a runner...

Aimee said...

I used to do an entire gym workout that was specific for runners/triathletes. NOW, I use my TRX. Love it!

Kevin said...

Good job for grtting the stremgth training going, it is a big part of becoming your best! I got a great strength program for triathletes at check it out!