Monday, January 23, 2012

Tron Racing

Are you a fan of the movie Tron?; the original or the remake.  Are you also a cyclist, triathlete, or simply so much a fan of Tron that you'll make use of just about anything related to the movie?  Then this is for you!

I saw this first on Facebook.  Then I went and checked them out on the Podium site.  I thought it was just a nicely made photoshopped image... NOPEThese things are real!  The only downside is that they do not come with an Identity, or Light Disc.  People would definitely pay extra for that!

Not so much a fan or Tron?  No worries, they also have Spiderman.  


1.  Does anyone own a fun training or racing suit?  
From my swimming background, I've seen a lot of tux and superman speedos, but nothing for triathlons until now.  If Tron came in a tri suit, I might consider it.

2.  What's your favorite superhero/action film?
My favorite superhero would have to be Batman simply because he has no powers; he's human just like you and me.  

Swim fast.  Bike smart.  Run hard. 

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