Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Who Would Have Thunk It?!

So it turns out that having a full time job does cause for rearrangements in my daily schedule and scrunching of free time!  Who would a thunk it?!  Consider this praise #1 for all of you bloggers who have full time jobs that don't involve blogging.  I'll figure out the daily schedule eventually, but for now, trying to fit training, eating, and sleeping in around a full time job is tough on it's own (I'm already resorting to working out on my breaks). 

Anyways, here are some randoms...

I'm loving the new gym job.  There is still roughly a week of training to go before I become a certified master of all things, but once that's over, it should be smooth sailing.  It's great to work with a lot of fitness minded people.  One of my coworkers has run multiple marathons, one does professional sparing, and another does Brazilian jujitsu.  Crazy, right? 

Since last week was a bit of a slower week, I decided to push my rest day until Monday and did my long day - a 42.5 mile outdoor ride - on Sunday.  It was a lot of fun having an adventure ride (as you could tell I'm sure from my random thoughts HERE).  Monday felt great as a rest day though I wasn't as physically exhausted as I usually am going into rest days.  I expected that today I'd feel all kinds of energized, but after I got to the gym and hopped in the pool, I was anything BUT!  I couldn't even hold my 50 splits at 40 seconds and did a 500 in 7:24.  Ugh!  My body either wasn't having a morning workout or just wasn't up for anything today.  Oh-well.  We all have down days.

Tomorrow is my orthopedic doctor's appointment.  Therefore, I'll have an idea (minus any MRI's, XRays or other tests they may have me do) of how my running will be going for the near future.  As you may notice, I have the NERelay scheduled for June 11th and 12th and my leg is 21.4 miles, but the Ortho may advise against that.  Just in case, I have a stand by runner who agreed to take my place last minute in case I can't run. 

Now if the doctor tells me I need to take more than a month off or something, I might have a problem sticking to that.  I have the half iron in July and it's my A race.  I may very well consider racing it and risking ruining the rest of the season in order to finish that race.  Again, do as I say not as I do.  =P

I know I say this a lot, but I just can't seem to eat enough lately.  I had breakfast before working out, a snack when I got back, lunch before work, a more than full dinner at work, and a snack when I left, but I still only managed to keep the starving monster at bay.  Even one of my coworkers made a comment on how much I ate.  I need to plan better for eating!  I'm doing a good job keeping up with having salads, fruit, and yogurt for snacks though instead of grabbing ice cream or whatever is "convenient." 

Also, someone at work made a comment about how losing pounds and looking better is 80% food and 20% exercise.  While I may see where he's coming from, I certainly work on the 99% exercise and 1% food perspective.

Ok, I'm off to read the NASM Essentials of Personal Fitness Training until I nod off to sleep.

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1.  When you get crunched for time, what gets the boot first?  And what do you always find time for?
I've gotten to the point where even eating gets put on the back burner and I just chug bottles of water to keep hungry away.

2. Do you have any suggestions for healthy, but quick meals and/or snacks?
My go-to quick meal (at home) is Swai (a fish) with either broccoli or squash, but it's also not filling at all.  I need ideas for dinner at work (cookable or reheatable in a microwave) and quick meals at home.

Stay fit.  Stay healthy.  


Samantha said...

holy cow, food NEVER goes on the back burner in my life. lol. Good luck with the juggling act. I just have a job and a blog. I have no idea how the running moms who have jobs and blogs do it. They are seriously impressive.

Crossing my fingers for you at the doc!

Ron said...

While at the Doc do not take rest as an option. A running specialist PT can and will get you back WHILE running. Running isnt the problem the body is. Lets make the body do better!! Good luck. Let me know if you need something!

My Boring Triathlon Blog said...

try water running. you'll look like a dork but at least you'll maintain some running fitness


try adding three kids to the full time job and 10 hours of training!

Matthew Smith said...

I hear ya on trying to find time to workout along with everything else in life. I'm super tired right now and am headed to the pool, and I DON'T want to go! Good luck with the training.

Kristin said...

1. Scrunched for time right now as I am doing a Ironman so I hang out less with friends. I always make time for my family. Friends understand it is only every 3 weeks that I see them due to rest weeks!! Ha ha

2. when you are doing training you need to increase your carb intake a little more. What are good supplements are larabars, powerbars, zone bars. Also trying more greek yogurt I find holds off my hunger better. Also Water water water.

Kristin said...

1. I am strapped alot for time as I am doing an Ironman. I tell my friends I only can see them every 3 weeks when I am on a rest week. They understand. My family on the other hand is my top priority.

2. when you are hungry like this take in more carbs. Greek yogurt is good, more fruits and veggies, Water, water, water

Kevin @ Half TRI-ing said...

I always have food at hand. Make sure to consume enough protein. Get some Whey Protein Isolate. That will help curb hunger. Pasta works for me. My body demanded carbs while traing for the 70.3. Take your vitamins. Fruit works well. WheatThins with almond butter and jelly work well. Oatmeal or Cream of Wheat are quick easy and good for you. Rice cakes with almond butter.


Chelsea said...

Unfortunately, when I get crunched for time I am under the impression that I can do it all. So what suffers? Sleep :-(
Usually a combination of fruits and nuts is a good hunger battler. Some of my fav combinations are apples and walnuts and banana and peanuts. The combination of carbs and protein tend to keep you going for a while.
As far as easy quick meals, Stir Fry is easy; you can fit so many different types of healthy food into it (using my "bowl of random stuff" style of cooking. It's easy to make a bigger serving so you can have some for dinner and lunch at least once or twice through the week.
Glad you are loving the new job. GOOD LUCK today at the docs!

Run with Jess said...

Hmmm, maybe that's my problem... when I'm crunched on time, food never gets pushed back! I eat on the run alot. Housekeeping/dishes/etc get pushed back for me. And funny, but I always seem to have time to check Facebook (duh!)

Coy Martinez said...

I can so realate! I would give the whole season for one race or event! I just did that to some degree when I ran the trail half with bronchitis. It wasn't my best event but I had a blast!

I've had a ravage hunger lately too! Wonder what's up with that? Maybe the heat?

Richelle said...

Your gym co-workers sound so fascinating and eclectic. I like the mix of hobbies.

I feel like my friends and family get pushed on the back burner a lot when I'm busy. I'd love to put work there instead. :)