Monday, May 9, 2011

"...Our Arrows Shall Blot Out The Sun"

After Friday's sunburn fiasco, I made a trip to the store and got some new sunblock.  I've always been very picky when it comes to sunblock.  First, because I burn easily (take Friday for example).  Second, because I fear clogging my pores.  I grew up with acne so taking care of my skin has always been a high priority.

It all came down to numerous questions:

What SPF do I get?
Something high.  I've burned after 30 minutes with SPF 30 on.

Do I get the Sport or Regular?
Sport.  It has to be sweat and water proof!

Do I get a lotion or spray?
The spray makes application easier, but they cost more. 

What brand do I get?
Aveeno & Neutrogena are the best for your skin, but they are also more expensive.
Store brand is out of the question - just don't trust them.

I went a couple places and in the end I got the SPF 50 Banana Boat Sport Lotion.  I originally wanted to go with the SPF 75 or higher, but I concluded that I will be outdoors a lot with training and if I don't use that time in order to get a good base tan (the SPF 50 in my mind will allow me to S-L-O-W-L-Y tan while training), I'll end up burning myself like I normally do.

Stay tuned to see if my logic works out.

PS.  In case it doesn't, I already have a large bottle of Aloe lotion I can resort to.


1.  Can you name the movie today's Post Title comes from?
I thought it was so-so as a movie.  It was much better as a documentary.

2.  What is the highest SPF that you've used?  What do you use normally?
I saw SPF 5 all the way up to 110 at the store today.  I've used SPF 85, but I typically go somewhere between 50 and 85; never below 30.

3.  Are you a stickler about sunblock or are you one of those people that never puts it on and comes back with a beautiful bronze color while I look like a lobster?

Stay fit.  Stay healthy. 


Karen said...

I love Coppertone Sport Spray. There is also one that just came out that you can spray on wet skin (can't think of the brand). Coppertone has never let me down. It is a little tacky on the skin but it works!

Coy Martinez said...

I'm kind of ashamed that I don't know that movie quote! Shame on me, I'm a movie person too! Go see Thor!

I'll wear 85 SPF, the kids stuff. I would rather be white than burn. That red feeling ranks right up there with being injured. Seriously, I hate it.

Stephanie said...

I only wear sunscreen if my mom is around because she'll nag relentlessly otherwise. I burn ONLY if I'm out for HOURS. Otherwise I get pretty brown.

it's all about pace said...


2. I think anything over SPF 15 is BS

3. I wear bullfrog... and reccomend it for triathletes

Matthew Smith said...

Isn't that the line from 300? I hope I didn't ruin it for everyone else...

Good call on some sunblock. You and me both needed it this weekend. I had some but just need to put it on more often.

Good luck with the training.

Jenn @ A Runner's Road said...

I usually don't burn so I tend to go sunblock-less. But my kids are as white as casper to they are always in Coppertone 85 SPF otherwise they look like lobsters. I should get into the habit of putting it on though, being a good role model and all.

I don't know the quote!

Caroline said...

1. 300
2-3: I burn. I have never had a tan and I am over 40. I need min 50 SPF. And a hat always.

Shelby said...

1. Thats from the movie 300! Love it!

2. I train a dermatologist and she recommends the highest SPF you can find. And it will wear off really quick when sweating so keep reapplying. She scared me into wearing it daily (although I do not burn) to keep my skin healthy!

3. I always wear sun glasses too-my biology of aging professor scared me into that! I wear them constantly. I always make sure sunblock is on my face if nothing else.

Summer Brooke said...

1. I love the movie 300!!

2 and 3. What is sunblock?? Just kidding I know what it is but I don't think I have ever used any.. Sadly since I know how bad the sun is on your skin. Maybe I should buy some.

Kristin said...

1. Ill go with everyone elses answer, 300, LOL!

2. I wear 35-50 spf, Coppertone Sport Spray, My daughters Little Mermaid SPF..Whatever I can get my hands on for the day. Always has to be sweatproof and waterproof

3. I try to wear sunscreen all the time. Sometimes I forget. I have been trying to be more diligent as I have taken off some pre cancerous/cancerous lesions of some of my patients and they were all tanning bed lovers or sun bathers...AHHHH!!

ajh said...

I am religious about sun block and typically use 30 to 50. I have read that past 50 it doesn't improve. Yet, I can't remember where I read it. I go to the derm. on a regular basis to get moles checked. I generally use coppertone or banana boat sport but have bought the real expensive stuff at the derm.

Richelle said...

1. 300 (I'm totally stealing everyone else's answer!)
2. If I wear sunblock, it's generally SPF 30. Some of my makeup has SPF 15 already in it.
3. I hardly ever wear sunblock when I'm running. I do develop a nice tan over the summer, but I also have some interesting tan lines.

Chelsea said...

I recognize that from a Thermopylae special on the History channel, but I have never seen 300.
I use Aveeno "positively ageless" spf 70 for my face (trying to avoid those wrinkles) but for the rest of me I usually use banana boat, or something similar. I try to stay oil free when possible and choose "sport" types of sunscreen. I always use spf 30 and above.
I used to use tanning oil on my stomach to try to overcompensate for my speedo tan when I was constantly training outdoors for swim team and when I was a lifeguard; however my stomach never tanned...

danny said...

@Karen. Good choice on the Coppertone. My g'ma has been using that stuff forever and I have heard ladies a third her age envious of her skin.

@Its all about pace: bull frog is pretty tough stuff. I like the fact it doesn't seem all oily (or at least less than other brands).

Me? I can usually handle 60-90 minute outings during the summer. But what gets me are the 60+ minute runs when I am sweaty and the sun is directly overhead. But usually my running (even long 20+ milers) are done before 8 or 10 am (before the sun is overhead).

JohnP said...

This crap in that chemical lotion you're smearing on yourself is far worse than anything the sun will ever do to you.

Don't drink the sunscreen Kool-Aid.