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REVIEW & Giveaway: UTag I.C.E. Sport Bracelet

Awhile ago (HERE), I asked if anyone had heard of the company UTag and it seemed that no one had.  Therefore, before I get into the review of their I.C.E. Sport bracelet, I'm going to tell you a little bit about the company as a whole and what they offer.

UTag was created to provide a variety of methods for carrying emergency information such as medical info, emergency contact info, personal info, and personal documents in a highly convenient manner.

To do so, UTag offers three products depending on your taste and preference.

The Digital Dog Tag...


The I.C.E. Card...

And the UTag Sport Bracelet...


The next question is, where does all of this information get stored?!  All of UTag's products have a USB key that insert into your PC computer's USB drive which brings up a single screen.

With a password, you are able to input your medical information, emergency contact information, and create private folders for any personal documentation and such that you would like to carry with you.  Anyone without a password (i.e. Emergency Medical Personnel) is only able to view the medical and emergency contact information.  So if you get hurt, the EMTs can plug it into their laptop, check out your medical info in order to give you the best treatment and contact someone to let them know what happened. 

That's the basic overview of UTag and their products.  
Amazing, isn't it?!

Now, are you ready for a full review?

I can't hear you!!

That's better.
Let's get to it!!


REVIEW of UTag Sport Bracelet

Thanks to UTag, I was able to review their UTag Sport Bracelet.

What does UTag say about it?

Here are their specs...
  • Aluminum construction with mini USB chip
  • Comes with nylon / Velcro wrist strap
  • Can be worn around the neck as a mini Dogtag (chain not included)
  • Compatible with Windows ME, 2000, XP and Vista (also works on my Windows 7)
  • Supports USB 1.0/ 2.0 standards
  • Secure 'Private Folder' to store scans / copies of important documents
  • Weight 6g
  • CE and FCC approved
  • UK IP tested IP57
  • 10 year data retention 
(From the website...)
"UTag Sport Bracelet is a micro DogTag worn on a nylon strap (included) and is designed to be universally recognizable by both first responders and emergency personnel, it is the first reference in case of emergency.  Each UTag micro DogTag is constructed out of durable aluminum alloy and embedded with a mini USB chip.

It is weatherproof and water resistant up to 1m.  Each mico tag has a Windows compatible program for storing and updating your personal information.  In addition, there is a secure “private folder” for storing scanned copies of personal important documents. With the click of a button, UTag switches to your choice of 7 different languages for emergencies abroad. The UTag Sport Bracelet and micro Digitial DogTag is extremely lightweight, weighing only 6 grams.

UTag is perfect for anyone with an active lifestyle, including but not limited to: Runners, Campers,  Travelers (corporate or pleasure, abroad, mission tips etc), RV’ers, Seniors, Athletes, Boaters, Surfers, Cyclists, Skiers, Hikers, and anyone else who values having their information available in case of an emergency."

What do I say about it?

Abridged Version

                                   Pros                                                                     Cons
                             Comfortable                                                     Not MAC compatible
                           Easily adjustable                                        No fancy color options (pink or blue)
                      Simple to use software                                    Limited Emergency Contact Listings
                 Ability to update info any time                             
         Travel (able to carry copies of documents)
              One-click translation to 7 languages

Unabridged Version

Out of Package Thoughts...
The band was thinner than I expected, but it was to my delight as I typically don't do well with bracelets or any type of jewelry.  The color is a nice type of what I'm going to call "royal blue."  Since the band is adjustable via velcro, it doesn't require any lengthy initial fitting; just pop it on and adjust it as you go.  On one side of the centerpiece USB drive is the UTag ICE product logo.  On the other side is the universal medical symbol (snake with staff).  Both are also on the metal USB encasing as well along with "USB" and an arrow pointing to a tab.  Pull on the small metal tab and out comes the USB.

At first, I thought the USB drive was going to require some special adapter; it looks much smaller and thinner than the USB drives/keys/flashes than I'm used to.  However, it slips into the port easily as is and you're ready to go.

Software Thoughts...
My computer is set up not to automatically open any inserted drive, so the software has to be opened manually through the corresponding folder under "My Computer" section.  Otherwise, the software should pop up automatically. 

In order to input your information, you can input your password (there is a factory default until you change it) and click on "Log In" at the bottom right hand corner.  This are then changes to multiple buttons; "Edit Medical Information," "Edit Personal Details," "Private Folder," and "Logout."  All of your information is quite easy to input.  The medical info section even has preset allergies and conditions you can simply check.  My only quarrel is that the personal info only allows for two emergency contact people.  I put in both of my parents since they both know my medical history to a "T" and would be the best help, however, I'd like to include my roommate since there's no chance either of my parents are going to be able to come pick me up if need be.

A nice feature of the software is instant translation to seven languages (English, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, German, and Spanish).  All seven flags are at the top right corner and with one click, the entire screen is translated to that language.  So even if you get hurt overseas, you're good to go.

Another useful feature for travelers is the "private folder."  You can include anything in here and it is only accessible by you since you hold the password.  You can store copies of your license, passport, personal documents, and such.  If you ever get robbed or simply misplace those items while overseas, you know it's not an easy fix.  Having a copy on hand (literally on your wrist) is incredibly convenient.

Finally, the information you store on the software is able to be updated any time you'd like.  Are you thinking of moving soon?  No problem.  Change your address.  Did your emergency contact change phone numbers?  No problem.  Update it.  Did you start a new medication?  Log in and change it up.  This is by far the best feature of this product!

How is it to wear?
Like I mentioned above, the smaller than expected band turned out to be a very nice in my mind.  Most of the time, I don't even notice I'm wearing it.  A bit of science for you - your nerves are mainly set to notice changes in sensation, so when things on your body don't move or change pressure, temperature, and the like, you no longer mentally notice that they are there.  I wear my bracelet tight enough to not move, but not tight enough to restrict blood flow.  Therefore, after awhile, I physically don't even notice it's there.

However, given that the USB drive can pop out and go back in, unless I have something to physically do with my hands I will from time to time find myself playing with the USB.  What can I say, I'm a child at heart!

Final points...
- The bracelet is very comfortable and easily adjustable
- The software is simple and easy to use
- You are able to update your information any time there is a change (if you move, start a new medication, change a phone number, or are diagnosed with a new illness)
- The "private folder" allows you to carry scanned copies of documents such as your license, passport, or medical sheets along with the lyrics to your favorite song and the grocery list that only you (holder of the password) can access.  This is great for traveling purposes!

- Not currently MAC compatible (sorry mac lovers, but you'll have to search out a PC to update your info)
- Only available in pink and blue.  This may be quite limiting for you fashionistas out there.
- Only two emergency contact listings.  Personally, I would like to have three, but beggars can't be choosers.


Buy it NOW!

For anyone interested in the UTag Sport bracelet or even the Digital Dog Tags or I.C.E. Card, head over to the UTag website and check out the product descriptions.

If you'd like to be safer out on the road as soon as possible, hit the red "Store" tab at the top of their page and buy one today!


Win a UTag Sport Bracelet

I also have the incredible privilege of making one of you lucky readers safer on my very own.  I have one UTag Sport bracelet to give away.  It's your choice for pink or blue, but either way, safety is included standard!

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Stay fit.  Stay healthy.  Stay Safe. 


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