Sunday, May 29, 2011


4:30 AM
Alarm goes off
Check email, blog, etc. online & pack for work.

5:20 AM

5:30 AM
Head off on my bike for work
12 miles

6:17 AM
Get to work
Snack time!
Wash up
Pre-opening to-do list

7:00 AM 

11:40 AM
Break Time #1
Change and hop on treadmill for 2 miles (with my new shoes!!)
Mile 1 @ 7:04
Mile 2 @ 5:27

12:10 PM
Back to work

2:15 PM
Break Time #2
...and stretching

2:45 PM
Back to work

5:00 PM
Close up shop
End of day to-do list

5:30 PM
Head home
11.7 miles

6:15 PM
Arrive home
Post-workout snack

# of hours today that have already passed: 20
# of hours I've been awake: 15.5
# of hours I've worked: 9
# of miles I've logged: 25.7

** If I didn't work until 10PM during the week, I would totally get up at 5 AM and log my cycling miles in.  There is NO ONE on the road and it's so much easier than mid-day when people yell "Sidewalk!!" at you as they drive by.  


1.  How was your day? 

2.  When do you prefer to log your workouts in?  Do you like the up early, done early mentality or the after work stress relief?
My preference changes, but while my body does better in the afternoon (after warming up and getting going), the summer heat is a b*$&% and early mornings have their advantages.

Stay fit.  Stay healthy. 


Mike said...

Looks like a solid day of work and training. Well done!

Richelle said...

I had an awesome day. New PR at the Stillwater 10K, plus had a lot of fun hanging out with my fiance. :)

I prefer to run after work, as it is a great stress reliever for my (and yes, my job does get VERY stressful). I use the heat to my advantage during the summer by training through it, as it helps acclimate my body to Ragnar Relay conditions.

Coy Martinez said...

My favorite time to run is in the evening. I'm happiest and wide awake. ALTHOUGH, in actuality I do most everything in the morning. Guess out of habit to get long runs out of the way before the heat of the day sets in.

That's a lot of miles you've put in already!

Chelsea said...

That sounds like an AWESOME day!!! Congrats on the mileage!
Well... I'm a bit of a morning person, but I love early evening workouts. The sunset it a great backdrop to a great workout, it's a great post-work stress reliever and the temps drop as you increase mileage. However, I spent this weekend waking up early and running around 6:30 a.m. and I love it! I am going to be riding my bike to work this week, so I'll be hitting the road by 7:00 a.m. Hopefully I will be able to wake up around 5:30 ish and maybe run a few miles first :-)

Samantha said...

Holy Crap. Was 7:00 "Pass Out"?! haha. What a successful day you had!

Matthew Smith said...

You've got a long and busy day! I don't know if I could crank out a couple miles in my breaks. That sounds super sweaty and rushed. Way to have the motivation to do that.