Saturday, May 7, 2011

Gas $$ = Early Tan & Ice Cream Monster Siting

"It's the beginning of May, 
summer weather is only JUST beginning to come around on short occasions 
and I already look like I'm starting to get a tan."

I started a blog entry earlier this week with that line.  Then yesterday I headed out on my bike destined to up the ante (jump ahead to the picture below to see the ultimate result).  The weather was beautiful and I was online looking at bike computers - I need a new one because my current one doesn't reach the back wheel and it's annoying to keep switching between tires when I hop on the trainer and then go outdoors.  Given the ever increasing price of gas ($4.25 here), I decided to head out and RIDE over to a couple bike shops; it saves gas AND doubles as a workout.  I ended up stopping at two local shops and Dick's and went a total 23.8 miles.  End conclusion - Do to my sub-college budget, I'll just buy another $2 bag of zip ties and keep changing the current computer between wheels instead of buy a new $40 computer.  

Once I was home, I quickly cleaned up, ate, and headed to work.  Our Friday group is too cute for their own good.  When any of the facilitators come through the door, a mob of girls run up to them and demand hugs along with something unique.  My unique request is always to be picked up; the girls like to be picked up and whirled around and since I'm the only guy, that falls to me.  Not like I don't love it though!  haha

After work, I went to the pool with a friend for a swim workout before heading to a local theatre for a show.  As soon as we hopped in the water, I was informed that it looked like I was wearing a white tank top.

This is 22 hours later
I have my first sunburn of the season!  I drew two conclusions from this.  First, it's officially summer.  Second, I'm going to have some crazy tan lines this year between all the different shirts and shorts I wear on the bike and run. 

Our swim workout was quite unique as well.  We started out with the typical 500 warm up and 10 x 50s free on the 0:50 with a 200 yard stretch out.  Then we did some work with paddles and pull buoy.  I suggested doing IM's and that quickly turned into a MONSTER!  A 1400 IM.  400 yards butterfly, 400 yards backstroke, 400 yards breaststroke, and 200 freestyle.  We only cut off the freestyle portion because of time.  CRAZY!  But it felt good.

Cleaned up, dried, and armed with food, we headed over to the Connecticut Cabaret  to see their production of John & Jen, an amazing musical.  This is where it happened. 

Ice Cream Monster 

It appeared for the second time.  One minute there was a 26 fl. oz. Friendly's Ice Cream Cake sitting at our table.  The next minute, it had disappeared!  1380 Calories consumed and it didn't even dent the Monster's appetite.  It continued on to veggies with onion dip, raisins, and a jar of peanut butter.  As I told one of my friends recently, "I eat too much food."  Don't forget that I love the act of eating food, but it's annoying to repeatedly find nothing in the kitchen to eat or end up eating what I thought would be two or three days worth of leftovers in one sitting.


1.  How high are gas prices in your area?
Has the price of gas caused you to change anything in your normal schedule?

2.  Does anyone else have a sunburn yet?  I can't be the first.

3.  Do you feel like a Monster when you sit down to eat too?
I've never once looked at a "serving size" and thought "That makes sense."

Stay fit.  Stay healthy. 


Aimee said...

Bummer about the sunburn, but yay for summer like temps! We actually went on a bike ride today, forgot our sunscreen, and now have a nice burn yet! I try to avoid those b/c I burn really easily!

When I am in full on training mode, I definitely feel like a monster when I sit down to eat. It's crazy!! My husband always laughs and does that Chris Farley SNL line, "Lay off I'm starving!" Ha ha!

Anonymous said...

Gas is $4.25 in Mich!

I have a run/bike tan line. Luckily there is enough Native American in me so I don't burn!

I am the food monster. It is an event to see me eat =)

Caroline said...

Sunburn got my first at Susan G Komen race that was in March. I am an idiot, I wam so white I am almost blue and I go race with no sunblock and I live in So California...brilliant I know

I have lines for my shorts, socks and tank is lovely

no food monster here. I have a hard time to take enough calories in a day.

Gas...too much that's how much..4.30 I think last time

Matthew Smith said...

$4.29 in Berrien Springs, Mi. Nice sunburn. I'm looking to get one tomorrow from time spent on the bike and the road. Way to use the bike instead of the car. That's just good work! Nice workout too!

Coy Martinez said...

Gas sucks here too but it's only $3.75 so far.

I got a sunburn out at a soccer game 2 weeks ago and it shocked the living daylights outta me. Of course it was like a farmers tan.

You can swim fly?? You're now my new hero.

Oh, is that a flip phone you have?? HAHAHA!!

Run with Jess said...

Gas just dropped to $4.19 here. Seriously, these gas prices stink!
I got a crazy headband sunburn already. A nice red/white line across my forehead for all to see!

TriGirl said...

I went out for a long run last weekend and also had a bit of a sunburn! I think we all get so excited at the first sunny day we forget about sunscreen :)

Anonymous said...

Where do you all buy gas?!?? I wouldn't pay that much to see my mother!

It is $1.13/liter in California.

Cari Mugz said...

3.65 in Idaho.... and still no sun!

Richelle said...

It's around $3.86 - $3.89 a gallon here. I filled up my car with gas on my way back to Minneapolis today, as I had visited my parents this weekend.

No sunburn yet, but I will have some strange tan lines by the end of the summer. I need to be careful about this because I'm getting married in September. I may go tanning for a few sessions just to get a nice base color.

I feel like I ate a lot this weekend. Ugh!

Caratunk Girl said...

Nice ride!! And burn, ouch. Sun hasn't hit Maine yet I guess, I am lucky, no burn yet. ha

Gas prices in Maine are over $4. I drive a lot for work, but I definitely try to multi-task more and not do any useless driving.

I am a complete food hound. I eat everything in sight.