Tuesday, May 31, 2011

!! LOW FUEL !!

Low Fuel

"I know!  I know!  But you're not getting a full tank until tomorrow! 
So stop whining.
You need to go on a diet anyways."
(*Actual conversation had between myself and my mute car*)

The last time I filled up was 05/17, two weeks ago.  And if you remember, I swore that I was going to try and stick to $100 or less a month in gas.  I spent $64 on the 17th and it lasted two weeks, so that means over a one month period I really am looking at spending $128 - that's not cool

Given that I don't want to see anything more than $100 in my monthly summary for the expense "Gas," I opted to just put in a quick $5 which will hold me over until tomorrow.

And gas prices seem to keep coming down...

May 21st

 May 24th

 May 28th

And today (though I failed to get a picture) is was $3.91.  I actually stop on my bike ride to the gym to take these pictures.  I'm sure people pumping their gas think I'm just making fun of them (...maybe I am). 

Anyways, I figure if I can last another day maybe it will go down to $3.89 before I fill up completely.  Who knows!  Either way, I know that I am looking at more than $100 for next month on my current streak, so I have to think about how to cut driving trips.  I might look into lights for my bike so I can ride back home after work. 

I'm still doing well.  I just want to do "great."  Hi.  My name is Kurt and I'm an over achiever!  Live with it!

Ok, I'm off to sleep before I start rambling onto total tangent topics like how I got "used" at work today and liked it or how I got out of work and ran to the grocery store instead of drove.  Oh, and there almost was a fight at the grocery check out too.  People are crazy at night.  I do much better in the morning with all the old people that are up at 4am!

I really need to write my blogs earlier in the day!!

Goodnight bloggers!  Goodnight running shoes.  Goodnight bike.  Goodnight trainer.  Goodnight puzzles.  Goodnight hamper of clean clothes yet to be folded.  Goodnight food.  Goodnight computer.  

...Goodnight Moon!
 How's that for random?

1.  Do you avoid getting gas even though you're low for any reason?
I always try to hold out hoping for a lower price when they're dropping.  When prices are increasing I get it whenever I need it.
2.  What signs do you show when you're getting tired?
My topic changes and conversations get more and more abstract.  I think my mind makes better long-distance connections between things when it's fatigued much like my muscles!!  Hmmm... Maybe there's a connection?!

Stay fit.  Stay healthy. 


Mike said...

Goodnight Moon was one of my favorite books when my kids were young enough for bed time stories. Goodnight food and ice cream would be a good addition to the book :-).

I don't worry about gas too much. It is what it is and even if you have a 20 gallon tank and pay 10 cents more than you could, it's $2 extra. Riding or taking the bus to work would likely save you much more than that.

Jamie said...

Oh, CT how I miss (and don't) parts of you! When we lived in North Haven from 2006 to 2008, gas was at an all time high there...I remember paying 4.85! We got rid of the SUV b/c of that...we were paying over $400 a month for gas!
Stop and Shop at night is crazy, but Dunkin Donuts is worse!
I do miss the very scenic roads, I bike more now and those roads in CT are made for bikes.
As for getting tired...I think I stay tired, what does fully rested feel like?

Megan said...

Goodnight Moon is not that random when you read it to your nephew at least once a week. I love reading that book and appreciate that it is still a fantastic night time book. :)

Anonymous said...

What a great book! I read it many times to my kids when they were little.

I try not to worry about gas.. well I try

Michael said...

Wow, Great job on the whole gas/riding your bike thing!! That's awesome! My monthly gas bill is closer to $300 a month! Unfortunately I work 30 miles from work and it's very busy dangerous roads and highways there is no way I could do this, but it's awesome that you can. I hate getting gas and I wait until it is absolutely on empty - does that count?

Matthew Smith said...

You are rockin' the gas budget, my man. That's just awesome. Even if it was $128, that's still amazing. Way to go.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Ohio is down to 3.70

it's all about pace said...

$3.62 here.... but I drive a V8 that gulps the gas....

ajh said...

Love the Goodnight Moon stuff!

I was going to commute by bike today and there were big thunder storms rolling through. I'll try again tomorrow.

Aimee said...

Aww..I love Goodnight Moon! AND, your version was awesome!

Richelle said...

Gas is around $3.69 here in MN.

When I'm tired, I actually start to nod off. I'll catch my head jerking down and wonder how long I've been out. It's weird.

I try to look for the lowest gas price possible (the city where I work is great because it's in a different county than the one in which I live, so the counties have different gas taxes), but if I'm really low, I'll fill up at the nearest possible gas station.