Friday, May 20, 2011

Week in Review IX

Week in Review IX
Friday May 13th through Thursday May 19th


1.  Evan @ Getting Off The Bench And Into The Triathlon has the OC Tri Aquathlon coming up.  Best of luck!!  Check him out HERE

2.  Coy @ First in Philly is racing her first trail half marathon.  Check her out HERE.  

3.  Steve @ Steve in a Speedo?!  Gross! is teaming up with Matt again for Team Happy Pants at the Gear West Duathlon.  Check him out HERE.


1.  Mark @ Wait... You Run? ran the TC 1 Mile and did so in VFF Bikilas!  Check out his race report HERE

2.  Richelle @ Running Towards A Higher Calling also ran the TC 1 Mile.  Check out her race report HERE

3.  Pharmie - wife of Steve @ Steve in a Speedo?!... Gross! - is our third member to run the TC 1 Mile.  Tic-Tao-Toe TC 1Mile!  Check out Steve's report HERE

4.  Erin @ See Mom Run Far ran a local 5K on Saturday and hit a new PR and was the first female to cross the finish!  Awesome job!  Not to mention her 11 year old son WON the race.  Check out her race report HERE

5.  Heather @ Run Faster Mommy ran the Myrtle Beach Mud Run on the team Mudda Truckers.  Awesome name!  Check out the race report along with some great before, during, and after photos HERE

6.  AJH @ Age Group Rocks ran a local 5k.  Check out here race report HERE

7.  As I've mentioned already, Amanda @ 5 Miles Past Empty raced the White Lakes Half Ironman II and made it to the finish before they pulled her off due to weather conditions (way to gut it out!).  Check out her multipost race report HERE (swim), HERE (bike), HERE (run), and HERE (final thoughts).  

8.  Breaking Pace also ran the White Lakes Half Ironman II.  Unfortunately, a knee pain made her decide on a DNF at T2, but do you believe this lady took on a Half Iron as her very first triathlon?!  That takes guts!  Check her out HERE (race report coming soon). 

9.  Nemo @ The Adventures of Yellow Dart is our third blogger to have raced the White Lakes Half Ironman.  Two race tic-tac-toes this week means an awesome week!!  Nemo, despite a lack of training and a human genetics exam two days prior, pulled off a third place finish with 4:20 finish!  Talk about awesome!  Check out his race report HERE

10.  Katie @ Run for the Bikini ran a 5k coming in third overall, first female!  Awesome job Katie.  Check out her race report HERE.

11.  Cari @ Running a Crazy Life ran a half marathon and despite getting lost on the race course (the winner ran 16 miles due to being lost too), she finished!  Check out her race report HERE

12.  Steve @ Steve in a Speedo?! Gross! raced a duathlon as a part of Team Happy Pants.  Check out his race report and flashy running shorts HERE. Also, here are some amazing photos from the race - check out the "Battle Cries" section HERE.

13.  Troy @ Coach Troy Jacobson raced the Leadman EPIC 250.  Let me just say, I'm happy to see a triathlon where the swimmer gets a bit more advantage!  Check out Troy's race recap (including a mention of Ironman pro Chuckie V) HERE

14.  Heidi @ Swim. Bike. Run. Blog. raced the New Orleans 5150 and placed 5th in her age group qualifying her for the age group championships!  Check out her race report HERE

15.  Colleen @ IRONDIVA raced a Rev3 Half Ironman Triathlon.  Check out her race report HERE

16.  Michelle @ Swim Bike Run raced the Kinetic Half Ironman last minute and managed 2nd female overall.  Kick A$$!  Awesome job Michelle.  Check out her race report HERE

17.  Megan @ Watch MeGo Run and her hubs ran the Bay to Breakers 12k as a racecation!!  Check out her race report HERE.  

18.  Chloe @ Running With A Bottle of Wine raced the Gulf Coast 70.3 Triathlon and learned that she's got some mad skillz!!  Check out her race report HERE. Check out some of her teams amazing signs HERE

19.  Sam @ Run With Sam and her friend Amy ran the Harper's Ferry Half Marathon.  Check out the race report via a guest post by Amy HERE

20.  Kevin @ Half Tri-ing ran the Rohto Ironman 70.3.  Check out his dual post race report HERE (pre-race) and HERE (swim).  I'm sure more is to come.

21.  Austin @ Enjoy the Ride is our second blogger to have ran the New Orleans 5150 triathlon.  Check out his race report HERE


1.  Want to start a running group?  Amanda @ Run to the Finish posted some ideas on how to do so.  Check it out HERE

2.  Looking for advice on how to start out with a race?  The Hungry Runner Girl put up her pieces of advice for you benefit.  Check out her words of wisdom HERE

3.  Here's a new triathlon for ya, the Leadman Epic 250.  While Troy @ Coach Troy Jacobson raced it - read about it HERE - Michael @ Slowly Tri-ing read about it in a magazine HERE.  All I can say is "Bring on the 5k Swim!"  About time swimmers get an advantage!  

4.  Want to run a marathon, but afraid of the extended sun exposure?  Coy @ First in Philly found an underground marathon run in Germany you might be interested in.  Check out a video HERE

5.  Heather @ Run Faster Mommy also has a new type of race to tell us about, the Spartan Race.  Much like the Warrior Dash and the other varieties, but with its own little spin.  Check it out HERE


1.  Love brownies, but do you look away for the sake of "healthy eating?"  Aimee @ I Tri To Be Me has a solution with her secret ingredient brownies!  Check the recipe out HERE to see how Aimee made brownies healthy without turning up one single eyebrow!

2.  Michael @ Slowly Tri-ing shared a story about her six year wedding anniversary with her best friend and husband Jim.  Check it out HERE

3.  A Runner's Fuel made a trip to Yosemite and has some AMAZING pictures.  Check them out HERE.  And even more HERE

4.  Michelle @ Swim. Bike. Run. has a story about the strongest boy she knows.  Her cousin Ben could use your thoughts and prayers.  Read her story about him HERE

5.  The Hungry Runner Girl has a story about her dear ol' Dad!  He's gone through a complete transformation with exercise, eating, and lifestyle.  It's quite the story.  Check it out HERE

6.  Ever have issues with choosing a lane at the pool?  Julie @ Tri-ing to be Athletic depicts an all too common scenario at the pool HERE.  If you want a laugh, check it out!  Plus, she's got awesome pictures.

7.  Heather @ Run Faster Mommy has put her name in for Fitfluential.  Check out her video HERE

8.  Tonia @ Racing With Babes is up for the Circle of Moms Top 25 Health and Fitness Mom Blogs and is asking you for your vote.  Check her out HERE

9.  Jess @ Run with Jess is also up for the Circle of Moms Top 25 Health and Fitness Mom Blogs.  Check her out (and a comic) HERE

10.  Remember the MTV show MADE?  Heather @ Run Faster Mommy brings the show up in asking you what your "far fetched" dream would be.  Check it out HERE

11.  Caroline @ Canadian Runner in Exile caught her own son (the 4 and a half year old), the ladies man, in action.  He is hilarious!  Check him out HERE

12.  Caroline @ Canadian Runner in Exile is stealing the spotlight this week celebrated her tenth wedding anniversary this week.  Check out the wedding story HERE

13.  I'm Totally The Turtle has an awesome story about her son asking to exercise with her!  I personally love these stories.  Be an example for your kids and they'll follow.  Check it out HERE


1.  Michael @ Slowly Tri-ing has an "Awesome giveaway" with too many stuff to mention here going through May 28th.  Check it out HERE.

2.  Karen @ Working it Out... has a 4All by Jofit giveaway going through May 22nd HERE


1.  I have a review of the Sigvaris Athletic Performance Socks HERE.

Stay fit.  Stay healthy.  


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Love it as always

I been following Leadman 250 closely, its on my bucket list. I wouldnt say swimmers have a huge advantage, bikers have the advantage, not the runners for once in our lives. That bike course is down right punishing, ever RR i read, from pros, said it was not a race, it was about trying to survive to the finish line. With the likes of Coach Troy saying he hate is bike and Lieto dropping out because he had enough of that course, speeaks volumes on how tough it is.

Karen said...

Love that you recap this every week! I run across so many great blogs this way. The leadman 250. All I have to say is WOW.

Richelle said...

I've heard about the Leadman 250 and wow, that is just nuts! And I thought an Ironman was hardcore!

Thanks for the weekly recap, as always, and for the shoutout. Congrats to all the bloggers who are doing races, living out awesome stories, and inspiring us all!

Triathlon Benchwarmer said...

Thanks for the Good Luck, I am going to need it!

Katie said...

You are so good with this every week :D

Caroline said...

spotlight...ayaye...thank you!
busy week right?
I appreciate you take the time to write these every week.
thank you!

ajh said...

I love this list. Followed some of the links. Thanks. It must take you forever to do! I love that I am on it! Thanks again.

5 Miles 2 Empty said...

yep, still doing an amazing job on your review posts!!!!! Thanks for doing this!

Christina said...

Your rock! Thanks for the shout out - WE go BIG!! We're not crazy - We're crazy AWESOME!

Breaking Pace said...

^^^^ Above post is from me, I wasn't signed in with my blogger account lol..