Friday, May 6, 2011

Week in Review - Now on Fridays!

Week in Review
Saturday April 30th to Thursday May 5th

As of today, I am making a change to the Weekly Review.  As I've said before, I was unsatisfied with the idea of posting congratulations for the past week's racers and not posting "good luck" to the upcoming weekend's racers.  So, now that Friday 50/50 is over, I will be switching the review over to Fridays. 


1.  Karen @ Working It Out is racing Tri the Farm tomorrow.  Best of luck Karen!  Check her out HERE

2.  EMZ @ If I Can't Convince You -- I'll At Least Confuse You is currently running on a treadmill.  Why is that amazing?  She started at 6AM this morning and won't get off until 6AM tomorrow.  Twenty-Four hours on a treadmill.  Good luck EMZ!  Check her out HERE

3.  Big Daddy Diesel is racing the Athletes in Action Triathlon this weekend.  Check him out HERE.


First off, congrats to my entire blogger network in total!  
Last weekend had an incredible number of racers.  

No matter what you raced, 
congrats to you for going out and representing health, fitness, and awesome lifestyle goals!!  
(This is one of my favorite parts of the review to put together)

1.  Ali @ See Ali Eat... See Ali Run completed the double race weekend; a 10k AND a 12k!  Congrats to her for surviving.  Check her out HERE and HERE.  

2.  Sam @ Run With Sam has become an official marathoner!  Check her out HERE. And check her race report HERE

3.  A Runner's Fuel is now an official half marathoner!  Check her out HERE

4.  Elizabeth @ New Mercies ran the Illinois Marathon.  Check out her race report HERE

5.  Katherine @ Forward Foot Strikes ran the Forest City Road Races 5K and is finally back to racing!  Welcome back Katherine!  Check her out HERE

6.  Amanda @ 5 Miles Past Empty ran the OKC Memorial Half Marathon and despite the cold weather, still crushed it.  Check out her race report HERE

7.  Kristin @ Gotta Love Triathlon ran the 10 mile Mountain Goat Run (doesn't the name make the race sound like it would be awesome?!) and hit a PR!  Congrats Kristin!!  Check out her race report HERE

8.  Megan @ Watch MeGo Run ran a 10k on Sunday and even placed third in her age group!  Awesome job Megan!!  Check out her race report HERE

9.  Steve @ Steve in a Speedo?! Gross! raced the Falls Duathlon and may I say, rocked it!  Check out his speedy race report HERE

10.  Katie @ Run for the Bikini ran the LI Half Marathon and despite giving in to her inner speed demon, she hit her goal with time to spare!  Awesome job Katie!  Check out her race report HERE

11.  Evan @ Getting Off The Bench And Into The Triathlon ran the Wahoo 5K and hit a PR!  Awesome job Evan!  Check out his race report HERE

12.  Jo @ The Girl Who Sang the Anthem raced the Nanticoke River Sprint Triathlon and despite a couple small glitches, ran a very successful first race of the season and grabbed a running portion PR!  Way to get it started Jo!  Check out her race report HERE

13.  Matt @ The Chronicles of Matt was yet another finisher of the 2011 Bloomsday 12K.  Check out his race report HERE

14.  Richelle @ Running Towards A Higher Calling finished the Cool Kids Virtual Marathon (aka, "I Can't Afford The Actual Race Marathon").  Virtual races seem to be all the rage nowadays!  Check out her race report HERE

15.  Caroline @ Canadian Runner in Exile finished her second half marathon, the OC Half Marathon.  Despite a hiccup or two, she pulled off a PR!  Congrats Caroline.  Check out her race report HERE

16.  Dizzle, daughter of Tonia @ Racing With Babes, ran the Ashland Railroad 5K.  While rather reluctant at first, she managed the entire 3.1 miles and did it as the youngest competitor!  Awesome job!  Check out Tonia's race report HERE.

17.  Turtle @ I'm Totally the Turtle also ran the Wahoo 5K.  Catch her race report HERE.  

18.  Heidi @ TriAngel graduated with her DOCTORATE in Physical Therapy!  Super huge congrats.  Check her out HERE.

19.  Jess @ Run With Jess was another runner of the Illinois Half Marathon.  Check out her race report HERE.  

20.  Aubrey @ Get Out N Play celebrated her belated birthday this past weekend.  Go over and wish her a happy birthday HERE


1.  Danny @ A Quest for Running Perfection started a running challenge; the 100 Ounce 10K.  Drink 100 ounces of liquid during a 10K.  Check out the full challenge HERE.

2.  Are you weight conscious?  Marni @ TriMarni - A Blog Dedicated to Exercise, Nutrition, and My Life posted an awesome article of hers entitled Weight Maintenance Throughout Racing Season.  Check it out HERE

3.  Katie @ Run for the Bikini posted a couple new moves for getting those bikini (or speedo, STEVE!) abs ready for summer.  Check them out HERE.

4.  Attention women!  The Hungry Runner Girl posted a great entry about how running affects your period.   Yeah, I'm a guy, but I still find the human body extremely interesting.  Check out the information HERE


1.  EMZ @ If I Can't Convince You -- I'll At Least Confuse You is running for 24 hours straight to raise money for a shelter for mothers and children.  And when a couple of kids heard about it, they had the perfect idea of how to raise money!  Check out the story HERE. Check out the local news coverage of her HERE

2.  Tonia @ Racing With Babes started a fight with pavement.  Unfortunately, the pavement came out the winner.  Good luck healing up Tonia and don't give up on those adventure races just yet!  Check Tonia out HERE

3.  Who doesn't like a little pornography?!  Well, Big Daddy Diesel provided us with this week's dose of Bike porn.  Let me tell you, you might want to close the door before checking these wheels out!  Start drooling HERE

4.  Are you interally battling yourself over wanting a new bike?  Why not change your bar tape!  James @ PowerMultisport offers this as a suggestion for squashing those desires for a new bike.  Check it out HERE.

5.  What's the worst that could happen?  Mel @ Tall Mom on the Run shared some stories of her worst training and race day experiences and wants you to share yours.  Read the comments for some incredible stories.  Check it out HERE.

6.  Now what's the BEST that could happen?  Mel @ Tall Mom on the Run flipped the tables and shared some stories of her best race experiences.  Share your own or read the awesome stories HERE.  

7.  Let's face it.  I've seen multiple posts introducing your significant others and the stories about how you met, your first dates, and such.  Ali @ See Ali Eat... See Ali Run joined that group the other day by telling us how she met "man friend."  Check out their athletic story HERE

8.  Here's yet another!  The Hungry Runner Girl celebrated her 2nd wedding anniversary yesterday.  Check out here post HERE


1.  Tri-ing to be Athletic is doing a giveaway making use of her beautiful artistic ability.  Check it out HERE

2.  Heather @ Run Faster Mommy has a Mother's Day Long May You Run giveaway going through midnight on Saturday the 7th.  Check it out HERE.

3.  Ali @ See Ali Eat... See Ali Run has a Survival giveaway going through Monday the 9th.   Check it out HERE.

4.  Amanda @ 5 Miles Past Empty has an Eazy Bandz giveaway going until midnight on Thursday the 12th.  Check it out HERE


1.  Colleen @ IRONDIVA has put up a review of two pairs of Ryder's sunglasses!  What I wouldn't do for a pair of photochromatic lenses.  Check out her review HERE.

2.  Jess @ That's Just How I Roll has a review for any Australian friends of the Australian Lifestyle & Fitness' website.  Check out her three part review HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Stay fit.  Stay healthy. 


Shelby said...

You are on top of this business! You rock.

SeeAliEatSeeAliRun said...

I LOVE your reviews! They are super helpful and keep me current on what everyone is up to in the blog world when I may not have time to go through it all myself.


I love these posts.

Dizzle was so excited to be included.

You can keep the adventure races. I will tell them to suck it. Sticking to running and tris over here.

Triathlon Benchwarmer said...

Thanks for the shout out!

Richelle said...

You are so on top of things! I wish I could keep up!

Thanks for the shout-out once again!

Matthew Smith said...

Wow! Way to know about every other blogger's life too! That's impressive. Have a great weekend.

Michael said...

I'm a new follower. What a great post idea - I love all the blogger shout outs!

TriGirl said...

Aaaahhhh!! I made it onto your weekend review!! YEAH!! Thank you for the huge compliment (beautiful??) and for the shout out!

I've been hoping to get on here for weeks :)))

Samantha said...

Dude I can always count on you to know what's up in the blogger world. Totally needed this for this week...thanks!

5 Miles 2 Empty said...

You. Are. The. Heat. Really---thanks for the linky love!!! =)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

This is awesome, I cant even phatom the time it takes to do this post