Thursday, January 20, 2011


Today I managed to make it to 7:30pm.  "Until what?" you may ask.  Well, I made it to 7:30pm before I started yawning.  haha

Morning workouts take their toll on the evening hours!  I'm just hoping it will end up helping me get to bed earlier in order to wake up earlier (to get to the gym earlier and have more time to workout); it should be a vicious cycle. 

Today's Workout:
1.  Warm Up - 2 min @ 4mph, 7:03 @ 8.5mph, 2 min @ 4mph
2.  Dumbbell Press (10,4,8 reps with 60lb/arm)
3.  Seated Bicep Curl (10 reps with 50lbs)
4.  Tricep Bench Dips (20 reps)
Repeat #2-4 for a total of three sets

5.  Hamstring Leg Curls (3 sets of 10 reps with 110lbs)

1.  250 Warm Up (free, back, breast)
2.  5 x 100 IMs with 10s rest
3.  5 x 50 75% down, stroke back with 10s rest
4.  10 x 25 hard with 10s rest
5.  250 Stretch
6.  5 x 100 IMs with 10s rest
7.  5 x 50 75% down, stroke back with 10s rest
8.  10 x 25 hard with 10s rest
9.  250 Cool down
TOTAL: 2750 yrds (1.56 miles)

Back up again tomorrow to see what I can pump out.  My goal is to keep running on the treadmill for now with a 1.5 degree incline in order to mimic road conditions and focus on my strike.  I'll look to add some stationary biking into the workout as well; if anything just to get the muscles warmed up and used to riding before I break out the actual bike come Spring.

Stay fit!  Stay healthy!


5 Miles 2 Empty said...

Ugh...your swim is twice the distance of mine. I'll get there someday. Right? I am seeing I need to step it up a few notches!

Sorry I haven't replied to your email! I will soon but like you I have been TIRED!! I am training all three right now and it is tough and time consuming! But I am liking it so far!

P.S. when I get my post up tonight I have tagged you but you don't have to do is jut for fun. =)

Anonymous said...

found your blog from the girl above me - she's pretty cool to mention you. You want to be an Ironman but your pics up top need work. You NEED to get a swimming pic to go along with the rest. Its just WRONG!

wojoku said...

Amanda, thank you so much! I had gotten another mention recently and I certainly mean to respond, I just haven't gotten around to it yet (as you can tell since my entries lately haven't gotten past simply stating my workouts). haha

Don't worry so much about the swimming. As you may recall, I started out a swimmer, so that gives me a boost in the pool to begin with. You'll get there, I guarantee it!

Danny, you are totally right! Unfortunately, the photographers don't take any swimming pics at triathlons (don't ask me why). I'll get one eventually though! No worries.