Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Crazy Schedules

Who here has what they consider a crazy schedule?

If so, I would be more than happy to hear about how you deal with it.  My goal today is to come up with a daily schedule that will help me stick to what I've committed to, but at this point it's crazy.  Between a 60+ hour/week job and gearing up for Ironman training, I have one day a week (Sunday) to do errands or see friends.  I certainly enjoy being busy though - it keeps me focused and productive.  I just need some guidance to get better acquainted with it before I hit the 'burn out' point. 

Here's a general daily schedule:

12:30 / 1:00am - Go to bed
8:30am - Wake up
9:00am - Arrive at the gym (running and core workout)
10:00am - leave the gym
10:15am - Eat breakfast
10:30am - Shower
10:45am - Checked email / blog
11:00am - Make lunch
11:10am - Off to work
..9:45pm - Leave work / head to the gym
10:10pm - Arrive at the gym
11:05pm - Leave gym
11:15pm - Home / Make dinner
11:45pm - Shower
12:00am - Check email / finished blog
12:30 / 1:00am - Go to bed

Due to the weather, I am home tonight instead of going to the gym.  Therefore, I'll have time to fold the laundry I did Sunday (...maybe).  Think I could talk LA Fitness into just letting me sleep there?  It would help out my daily driving for sure!

Today's Workout:

MORNING (running & core)
1.  2 minute 4mph walk
2.  3.1 mile (5k) run at 7:30 / 7:03 pace (8.0 - 8.5 mph)
3.  2 minute 4mph walk
4.  Side Plank Twists (10 reps each side)
5.  Sit ups (10 reps)
6.  Crunches (10 reps)
7.  Russians (20 reps with 10 lb)
Repeat #4-7 for a total of three sets

P.S.  Story from work.  Remember how I got told "Please go away or I'll call the police"?  Well, today the police showed up!  hahaha  Everything was fine - a person just called because of a "suspicious car."  It was still quite entertaining though.  Then to top that, that was only one of eight calls to the police we've had concerning our marketing group in that specific town; apparently some residents don't like us being there!

I also get to run the "Impact" meeting tomorrow - a short personal story meant to boost motivation and moral.  My plan is to talk about my goal to finish the Ironman and the quote "If it was easy, everyone would be doing it."  That quote pushes me through a lot of moments when I really want to stay in bed, opt out of a third set, give in, etc.  Should be fun, plus it gives them a bit of an insight into my own personal life. 

Ok, off to bed early tonight, woohoo!  Stay fit.  Stay healthy.

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