Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I will call the police!

Random Fact of the Day:  I had my first threat on the job today!  A lady yelled through the door that she would call the cops if I don't leave the property.  What do I look like, a hit man?  haha  That made my day.

Today's Workout:
1.  250 Warm up (free, back, breast)
2.  1,2,3,4,3,2,1 Pyramid (swim on the way up, speed up on the way down)
3.  350 Cool Down
TOTAL: 1400 yds (0.8 miles)

Today was a short day because I was at work until 9:45pm and didn't make it to the gym until 10:05pm.  Either way though, Collin and I got in a good 1400 yards and I definitely pushed him in the back half of the pyramid set.  I'm very proud that he took the push and met it.  It was a quick workout for sure, but great job Collin.  Tomorrow (or whichever day we get together next) will be circuit training.  My goal is to attempt doing something a little different each day.  This will help both of us.  Collin's muscles will continually be stimulated to burn energy stores without getting used to a single workout and I'll get practice coming up with ideas for workouts and will build up my base repertoire. 

So the first question you may ask is "What is circuit training?"  According to Wikipedia, it is a form of conditioning combining resistance training and high-intensity aerobics."  According to me, it is an aerobic training approach that stays away from free weights and machines and is therefore applicable to a wider range of locations - you can do it at home without a home gym, at the gym, in the office with coworkers during your lunch break, or up on the top of a mountain you just climbed (congratulations to you!).  The items that these exercises will use are resistance bands, medicine balls, stability balls, light weights at times, and a floor mat when preferred.  The whole idea is to use your own body as the weight as much as possible and keep the exercises simple.

I'll post the list of Circuit Training exercises that I've been amassing tomorrow after the workout (or maybe in the morning depending on how I feel about time).  This will be what I begin to use in order to come up with circuit training workouts.  Until then, it is time to get back up to date with my email and get some rest. 

Goals for tomorrow:
1.  Get up and go to the gym (run, circuit exercises)
2.  Figure out something other than pb sandwiches to bring to work for lunch (any ideas? - it has to be in the car for multiple hours before being eaten and I have no access to a microwave or cooking unit)
3.  Decide on a 4 or 6 exercise circuit workout
4.  Get back to the gym in the evening with Collin for his Circuit workout.


Collin said...

Thanks bud! You rock!!

Anonymous said...

vegetarian pasta? Pasta with pesto? Spaghetti without the meatballs? BTW I LOVE pasta!

wojoku said...

Haha, I can tell you're a fan of pasta Danny. Pesto pasta might work and I actually think I do have a thing of pasta salad I could make. Thanks!