Thursday, January 13, 2011

Greatest Feeling in the World

We are all hungry to some degree after a good workout.  Have you ever been so physically exhausted that the act of eating seems like a workout in itself?  *sigh*  Such a great feeling!

Last night, while the majority of CT sat at home sipping hot chocolate, watching movies, and considering themselves stuck indoors due to the snowfall we had, I made a trip to the gym.  I've only been to LA Fitness once before (I was on a three day pass), but it was extremely odd to see the place nearly empty; there may have been ten people in total.  Anyways, I hopped in the pool, which I had all to myself and swam roughly 1.6 miles (2850 yards for those familiar with swimming).  I will detail the workout below.

After I got home, I had an experience I hadn't had since high school - it felt like it took a whole new workout to just make and eat dinner.  I remember back in high school I would come home from swim practice (typically 6000 meters or ~3.7 miles) and in the middle of literally inhaling food my jaw would cramp.  haha  It was so sad; I had worked out so much that the muscles in my jaw couldn't chew my food.  Despite the fact that this was extremely frustrating for someone who consumed 6-7000 calories a day, it was all a part of the swimming lifestyle to me.  Therefore, to revisit that last night was a very nostalgic moment.  You may think I'm crazy, but I love it. 

My workout:
200 warmup (free, back, breast)
5 x 50s easy with 10s rest
5 x 50s drill out, swim back with 10s rest
10 x 25s hard with 10s rest
5 x 100s with 15s rest
(25 easy, drill, hard, easy)
50 cool down
5 x 50 stroke down, free back with 10s rest
10 x 25s drill down, swim back with 10s rest
5 x 50s pyramid (drill, swim/drill, swim, drill/swim, drill) with 10s rest
5 x 50s hard down, easy back with 15s rest
350 cool down
TOTAL: 2850 yards (1.62 miles)

Due to a rather extended interview today, I will not make it to the gym, but I'll be back soon with blogs concerning a review of LA Fitness, my suggestions on how to design swimming workouts, my opinion on how to get abs, and an exploration of what is a good "diet."

Stay fit!

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