Monday, January 10, 2011

Designing Workouts

It's nice to have a good feeling about what you're doing, isn't it? 

Today I find myself designing a set of swim workouts for a friend, Collin Marrero, and I LOVE IT!  I was in the pool at six weeks old, swam competitively for 9 years with three teams, and I've swam over 8,000 miles (to help better visualize that, it's a third the Earth's equator, or NYC to San Fran to NYC to Salt Lake City, UT).  Swimming was where I really first attached myself to goals, friends, and a real personal identity; I was "Kurt, the swimmer" in high school.  Yeah, there were a lot of swimmers, but I was the intense one and it really was my lifestyle.  So finding myself now developing workouts brings back a lot of nostalgia. 

On top of the nostalgia, I'm also very happy to be able to help a friend with their fitness goals.  Collin began running a few months ago using the Couch to 5k program but got cut short by an injury.  Therefore, on top of being happy to help him now, I'm happy to be able to find a way around the previous road bump.  I know there are a lot of people out there who begin activities only to stop short soon after whether it be out of boredom, busy schedules, lack of motivation, or injury, so I'm happy to see people stick with it or find ways around the road blocks that come up.  Collin has been everything BUT unmotivated since his injury.  Whether it be running, swimming, or mountain climbing, I'm confident he'll be able to meet his goal in time and I'm excited to be able to help him meet it. 

I'll be back later tonight with the workout and ore about swimming itself.

Stay fit!

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5 Miles 2 Empty said...

Totally pumped to have found your blog!!!!!! Found it on a chance through a comment you left on Tall Mom's blog! Low and behold you blog about Iron MAn!! I just registered for my first half iron! I am so excited!! I am going to be combing your blog for workout ideas!!

I love swimming althoguh I neve swam cometitively. I am like the runner who just jogs around, but does it well. My form is great, so i've been told by a Colegiate All American. I taught swim to kids and adults for about 10 years and have been a life guard for longer. With all that said, I don't know how to "work out" through swimming, how to increase speed or endurance. I swam a mile last week just to make sure I could. And I could. It took me under an hour. so now my goal is to become mre effecient and faster and build endurance!

sorry for the long post!! I'm juse excited because I have read two of your blog post and am sure I will find yoru blog SUPER helpful in my training!