Friday, January 14, 2011

Let the Fun Begin!

I am officially a member of LA Fitness. And I have my own personal gig as a non-certified personal trainer! 

My review of the experience I had during my three-day pass at LA Fitness is still to come, but after talking with Collin who I had helped with swim workouts during that period, we arranged it so that I will now step in as more of a formal personal trainer.  I'm pumped to have access to a pool on a regular basis (that'll come in a lot of use for the Tri season) and I'm sure Collin is pumped to get working on getting more fit.

I'm battling some sort of illness (most likely a cold) that came on earlier in the week, but it's only been maybe an hour and my head is already buzzing with ideas of how I want to approach the training, habits I want Collin to get into, workouts are popping into my head, etc.  This is a moment I want to remember - being this excited for "work": that with any hope can potentially turn into a real job down the road.

I will be back next time with a jump into an idea of how to approach swim workouts including how to train for endurance, strength, sprinting, and general information about how much you can benefit by adding swimming into your normal workout routine.

Stay fit!  Stay healthy!

EDIT - Addition added below:

Saturday's Workout:
250 Warm up
5 x 50 easy
5 x 50 drill / swim
5 x 50 free / stroke
10 x 25 drill
5 x 100 IMs
5 x 50 easy
5 x 50 drill / swim
5 x 50 hard / stroke
10 x 25 hard
250 Cool down
TOTAL: 3000

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