Sunday, January 23, 2011



How do you keep yourself motivated to continually reach for your goals?  How do you avoid the inner voice that tells you it's okay to slack a bit from time to time?

I just started a job that runs 9-10 hours, six days a week and it has been killer on my motivation.  I've been to the gym early most every day this week.  Yesterday was my day off.  Today I have plans to meet a friend for training at eleven, but had planned on going early by myself to lift on my own; that has not yet happened.  Instead, I wake up TIRED and pop in a movie to finish while I remain lying in bed.  It's hard to keep yourself motivated, but you can't let it ruin you. 

So today I want to ask you - How do you keep motivated?  What tricks do you keep up your sleeve for the rainy days?


Anonymous said...

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CupCake said...

Lately, my motivation has to do with my clothes. And I have a lot of events coming up where I want people to see how much healthier I am. I hang up smaller size clothes in my room and periodically try them on to gauge where I am.