Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Personal Training

As I may or may not have mentioned previously, I am in a local production of Chicago that opens this weekend.  One of my friends who is in the show has made me her personal trainer; Vixen from the Christopher Martin 5k race.  Last night during rehearsal, I got asked by two other members to be their personal trainer.

I'll admit that my typical action is to avoid responsibility when I don't think I can live up to the bar I set; and being a perfectionist sure doesn't help that.  This time however, I'm going to do it.  If this is what I'm going to work towards doing as a career, I need to bite the bullet and admit that I'm not going to do everything perfectly.  So here goes!

Everyone thus far wants to lose some weight.  I've got to map out some running routes for Kristin, get in the pool and help Matt develop swimming technique until he can get back into running, and develop workout routines for Chelsea.  So as a heads up, among my nutritional blogs (which I plan on continuing) and my own personal reports on workouts, I will be posting my advice on workouts for the purpose of losing weight (as opposed to workouts geared towards strength training or body building).

Today's Question:  For those who have had sessions with a personal trainer, what drew you to do it?  For those who haven't, or have opted not to at times, what keeps you from doing it?, is it cost or another reason?

My Workout:
I ran another 2.0 miles today.  Unfortunately, I suffered a piercing headache the entire time which slowed my pace I'm sure (I'm still running without a watch).  I got a headache last night during rehearsal and should have drank more water (my guess was I was getting dehydrated).  Either way I'm still out there building up my base.  Only 2007 miles to go!

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