Thursday, June 2, 2011

Expect the Unexpected

Here's a lesson in life for ya...

"At any given moment, 
take what you least expect to happen 
and plan for it.  
It might just happen."

I went to bed last night with plans of getting up and heading out and do a nice 50 mile ride this morning.  Instead, I woke up groggy, sluggish, and my throat was slightly achy.  I decided to push the ride off and do some errands first instead.

I finally decided to switch my license over to CT, so I went to the DMV.  I'm not sure why I expected this to be somewhat quick.  On their website, they say that Thursday mornings have less traffic, so come then if possible.  If today was "low traffic," I don't EVER want to go during DMV rush hour!  I spent an hour getting to the line for a new license before I found out I needed my birth certificate or passport.  "Ummm... Those are not listed online as necessary items for switching over your license!"  I went home, made lunch (I still wasn't feeling too great, so why not eat while I'm already home), and drove back.  I get back in line, fill out the paperwork, pass the eye test, and get my license.  Yay.

FYI, in the competition of NY vs. CT in "Who has the better license?," CT may be able to fit my entire extremely-long-name, but NY's is flexible and wins hands down. 

That's done.  Onto my car's registration.  I go back to "information," get a ticket, and sit down.  Half an hour later I get called and they ask for my car's title.  Again "That wasn't listed as one of the things I need to bring with me!  Why don't you tell me this!!"  So I trudge back to the car and drive home.  My title is back home (in NY) in a safe.  So this may take awhile.

At this point, I'm feeling better physically, but I my emotional side took a dive bomb.  I don't have a good outlook on the rest of the day.  However, I get home and low-and-behold, I won something.

Forward Foot Strides had a BodyGlide giveaway recently and I won a stick!  Yay!!  Thanks for brightening my day!

So in the end, expect the unexpected!  Hopefully I can get out for my 50 mile ride tomorrow.  Until then, I'm gonna' go take a nap before work.


1.  Other than the DMV, where do you end up having to deal with the unexpected?

2.  Tell me something that brightened a gloomy day or moment in your life recently.

Stay fit.  Stay healthy. 


Matthew Smith said...

The DMV is a pain in the rear sometimes. I seem to ALWAYS forget something and have to go back home to get it. I hope you get your ride in tomorrow!

Aimee said...

Oh...I hate the DMV. It always takes forever, no matter what time of day I go! I try to avoid it at all costs!

ajh said...

I also hate the DMV. Try to do as much as possible on line - much better.

Today my Garmin replacement strap arrived when I only ordered it Monday night. Very happy!

It's the countdown to the end of the school year. That can cheer me up on any gloomy day. It may be expected but it doesn't arrive quickly.

Meg O @watchmegorun said...

hope you feel better!!! I think you have to expect the unexpected when you work with kids...You can probably relate to this. Someone will get sick, a lesson won't go as planned, you'll forget supplies, something always happens and you ALWAYS have to have a back up plan!

Ransick said...

I deal with the unexpected every day on my commute. Drivers are so bad, I'm starting to expect it though.

It brightened my day to see the look on some walkers faces when I stopped during a bike ride last week to ask if they were ok, then proceeded to give them all the water from one of my water bottles since they were out of water, over heated, and a mile from home. I enjoy doing random acts of kindness like that so I always stop and ask people if they are ok when stopped.

Richelle said...

A co-worker told me that I was awesome today. That made my day.

Minnesota has flexible license cards. They're also colorful and have a holographic loon embedded in them.

Stephanie F said...

In response to your question about the Free, I have heard that the toe box is wide. I'm an idiot and don't know anything about how wide a toe box usually is. hahaha Sorry! : )

it's all about pace said...

I am a single parent to two (2) teenage girls... the unexpected happens =:-)

Now Get on that bike! =:-)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

DMV dealings sucks

But free BodyGlide is cool