Friday, June 3, 2011

Week in Review XI

Week in Review XI
Friday May 27th through Thursday June 2nd


1. Amanda @ 5 Miles Past Empty is racing a 10 miler today!  Check her out HERE

2.  Ron @ Do or Do Not, There is No Tri has the Ironman 70.3 Honu this weekend.  Big good luck to him!  Check him out HERE


1.  Nemo @ The Adventures of the YellowDart ran the Scenic City Marathon.  Check out his race report HERE

2.  12 Marathons in 12 Months!  Dawn @ Racing Dawn has finally finished the goal.  Check out her final marathon HERE.

3.  Steve @ Steven in a Speedo?! Gross! race yet another duathlon, the Apple Duathlon.  This time though, he did it as an individual, not as Team Happy Pants, and he took 2nd in his age group.  Check out his race report HERE and just marvel at his run times!

4.  In a last minute decision, James @ PowerMultisport raced the Wool Market Duathlon and pulled off third in his age group.  Check out his race report HERE

5.  Kristin @ Gotta Love Triathlon raced the Fly By Night Duathlon and picked up 4th in her age group!!  Check out her race report HERE

6.  Despite an injury, doctor's recommendations, and better "non-athlete person" judgement, Tonia @ Racing With Babes ran the Autism 5k and rocked it with a sling!  Sixth in her age group!  Check out her race report HERE

7.  AJH @ Age Group Rocks ran the Vermont City Marathon as a two-person relay!  Check out her race report HERE

8.  David @ Thompson Tri checked in with race results from Camp Tex Tri (6th), Memphis in May (4th) and Rev3 Knoxville (7th).  Check him out HERE

9.  Richelle @ Running Towards A Higher Calling ran the Stillwater 10k and grabbed sixth in her age group with a new PR!  Check out her race report HERE

10.  Megan @ Watch MeGo Run ran the Memorial Day 8k creating yet another family filled running event.  Meg, your family is awesome!  Just sayin'.  I wouldn't be surprised if some certain people were a little jealous.  Check out her race report HERE.

11.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY to The Almost Runner!  Check her out HERE

12.  "Teta" Means Booby in Spanish ran the Run to Remember Half Marathon in Boston and despite falling from her race plan, still grabbed a PR!  Check out her race report HERE

13.  Big Daddy Diesel raced the Tri for Joe Triathlon as an Aquabike competitor and (*drumroll please*)... won!  Awesome job.  Check out his race report HERE

14.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Marni @ TriMarni - A blog dedicated to exercise, nutrition, and my life has one more year in her age group before she bumps up and rocks the world of another group.  Check her out HERE

15.  Mason @ Mason Boyles: Triathlete raced two White Lake Sprint triathlons and won both!  Check him out HERE

16.  Jamie @ TriScientist ran the Be The One 5k and thanks to Mother Nature, was able to avoid the rain!  Check out his race report HERE

17.  Coy @ First in Philly ran a 5k and her finisher's medal was a miniature baseball bat since the finish line was home plate of a baseball diamond.  Check out her race report HERE

18.  The Hungry Runner Girl is back in action!  She went to the doctor and got "ok"d to run.  It's a great feeling coming back after an extended medical break, isn't it?  Check out her joy HERE.

19.  Tawnee @ Tri*Tawn got back into racing after a month away with the Laguna Hills Memorial Day Half Marathon.  Check her race report HERE.

20.  Totally the Turtle completed the Joggermom Marathon and did it nearly 11 weeks pregnant!  What a way to start out being healthy for your baby!!  Check her out HERE


1. Thought of going Raw?  I know some people who have done/tried it and they all comment on their incredibly boost in energy.  Chloe @ Running With A Bottle of Wine is the latest.  Check out the amazing ALL RAW dishes posted on her blog HERE.  I really need to strap down and just do this.

2.  Troy @ Coach Troy Jacobson gives another tip for pushing your endurance event results even further; interval training.  As the official coach for IRONMAN, I'd suggest checking out his suggestions HERE.

3.  Tri-Living... Together posted a very intriguing question - "Are we eating too much protein?"  She has some interesting points and comments as to how too much protein could be bad for us.  Head on over and check her out HERE and join in on the discussion.  And a follow up HERE.  And the finale HERE


1.  Want to see the best wedding photo in existence?  Steve @ Steve in a Speedo?! Gross! blessed us with finding it and posting it HERE

2.  Danny @ A Quest for Running Perfection posted a video from the Brooks Beasts series introducing the story of Gabrielle Anderson one of their recently signed athletes.  Check out her story with two bouts of beating cancer HERE.

3.  Want to know the ten steps to a bad 5k?  Well, Heather @ Run Faster Mommy graciously supplied us with them HERE.  Check them out and get ready for the best worst 5k of your life!

4.  Austin @ Enjoy the Ride posted an awesome short clip of a guy who despite all conditions is extremely focused on one goal and one goal only, winning!  Check it out and begin laughing HERE.  


1.  Erin @ See Mom Run Far has a Relay Runner Hoodie Giveaway HERE

2.  EMZ @ If I Can't Convince You -- I'll At Least Confuse You has a giveaway with a bunch of awesome goodies HERE.  

3.  Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman has a Road ID Giveaway HERE


1. Austin @ Enjoy The Ride has a review of Paleo Kits, a paleo mixed-bag snack, HERE

2.  Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman has a review of the Road ID Wrist ID, Ankle ID, and Shoe ID HERE

Stay fit.  Stay healthy. 


Anonymous said...

Wow how cool is this post! I've got tons to read!!!

it's all about pace said...

you are a nice/thoughtful dude.... thanks for putting all that together.

Meg O @watchmegorun said...

Kurt, do you want to pretend to be part of my family and join in on the family racing? Just sayin, if you want to come to Michigan, you're more than welcome to join the festivities hha

Michael said...

You are one organized guy! I love reading your recaps. It's like catching up on your DVR. I haven't had much time to read blogs this week, but I think I just did!

Richelle said...

You are way more organized than I am! Thanks for all the hard work you put into the review each week. :)

Unknown said...

With me being sooooo behind on blogs, I really appreciate this! :)