Thursday, June 9, 2011

So Fradicken Excited!!!!!

Everyone knows the excitement of your first race of the season, right?

The nervous excitement building up...  The butterflies you just can't wait to let loose when the gun, buzzer, or timer goes off...  The hours you plan on sleeping that never actually happen...  The visualization of the race...

I'm so excited!!!

I have my very first race of the season on Saturday.  Additionally, it is quite the special race in and of itself.  It's the New England Relay.

For those of you who have ran similar relays like Hood to Coast, Ragnar Relay, or Rouge-Orleans, the New England Relay is the same deal.

I get out of work at 9PM tomorrow (Friday), I'll drive straight up to Boston to meet my other 11 teammates, sleep for a couple of hours, and then we will all head down to Rhode Island.

At 6AM, our team - Comrades in Legs - will start in Rhode Island.  Runner #1 will head off and the rest of us will follow in two vehicles.  From RI, we'll head into CT, turn up into MA, enter VT, cross over into NH, and finally finish in southern ME.  The total distance is 223.1 miles and we have 30 hours to finish.  Each runner will run three separate legs.  I am runner number two and I get to run a total of 24.1 miles.

This is obviously not my A race - that comes next month - but this is a complete "have fun" type of race.  I'll get to test my endurance and recovery while having a ton of fun with other crazy runners!


Now for some fun!

I want to know what you predict as my running pace.  But in order to give you all a fair shot, here is the information.

I run legs #2, 14, and 26...

Leg #2 
(8.5 miles)

Leg #14
(8.1 miles)

Leg #26
(7.5 miles)

Feel free to take a guess at my overall pace, the pace of each individual leg, or a mix thereof.  I'd like to know what you guys think. 

Stay fit.  Stay healthy.  Stay safe. 


Anonymous said...

How cool is that! My husband has done one of those.. way fun!!!!!!

it's all about pace said...

I predict solid... consistent 8s

Matthew Smith said...

It looks like you've got some nice "downhill" stretches there. It's gonna be awesome. You're gonna do great. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

You'll be fresh and excited for leg 2 - and you'll want to leave a good impression for your friends. 7:07 pace for a total time of...just over an hour, call it 1:01:24.

You'll be a little tired for leg 14, but the net elevation drop will be your saving grace and you'll still pull a 7:07 pace, for 58:34.

Your body will be really tired for leg 26, but you'll be okay for two reasons: one) bike, run, bike, swim days you have done biking to work, etc. Once you get going the legs will warm up and you'll be fine.
two) its a very smooth downhill (200' over 7 miles, nice).
So, your last leg will be the fastest pace 6:50 over 7.5 miles for a total time of 51:25.

You better make my predictions come true!d

Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman said...

Danny, I love the extremely analytical approach!! haha I have a feeling I'm going to end up attempting those paces just because you put the work into predicting them.

Thank You to everyone!

Richelle said...

Relays are so awesome! Have fun! I think you'll run 7:00s for all three legs, but you may got a little faster on the last leg because it's your last leg (that one was my fastest one during Ragnar last year).

Anonymous said...

You better run my predictions, or die trying!!