Saturday, June 25, 2011

Another Road ID, sold!

You know how I've mentioned that my Road ID bracelet sparks conversations every so often?  

I was at the post office today getting a couple items mailed and the lady behind me in line asked me what my bracelet was.  She saw that there was something written on it and assumed it was a bracelet in memory of a fallen soldier or something along those lines.  Then, she noticed the logo "Road ID" and questioned it, so she asked.  I spent the next 15 minutes while waiting in line telling her about how I was a triathlete and how much time I spend on the road running or biking.  I explained that I got the bracelet just in case - God forbid - anything happened to me out on a workout and I couldn't talk for myself.  I showed her the engraving with my name, medical information, and emergency contacts. 

You wouldn't believe how interested she was in the whole idea.  She's a nurse who works in the ER so you can imagine all the accidents, incidents, and cases she's seen come through in her years.  She told me story after story of people she had treated that they simply couldn't identify for days due to injuries they had sustained.  If they had only had a bracelet telling us who to contact in an emergency, things would have gone so much more smoothly for their families.  She also couldn't believe she hadn't come up with the idea herself; it's such a simple idea that is so incredibly useful.  And as she stated herself  "Wow, for that price I could get one for everybody.  Just for the peace of mind alone it'd be worth it."

I walked out of the post office having sold her on at least three wrist sport interactive ID's.  She's getting one for her "crazy" brother (who lives in Maine and does all kinds of "crazy" things in the backwoods), one for herself, and one for her daughter. 

Yet another instance where the product advertises itself!!

Congrats Road ID!


1.  What items of your own (athletic or not) do people seem to ask you about out in public?
I get at least 2-3 questions about my Road ID bracelet every week.

2.  Has anyone else had the feeling that today is Sunday?
I had yesterday and today off from work, so it's felt like Sunday all day today.

Stay fit.  Stay healthy.  Stay safe. 


Lisa G said...

Wow what a great product! I am going to look into getting one for myself.

Richelle said...

I often get asked about my spiky hair and my tattoo.

My days were all thrown off this weekend because I took 1 1/2 days off from work.