Friday, June 24, 2011

I'm an Enabler!

Over the last couple of weeks, I've gotten to know a certain member at the gym who has been running since mid-winter.  She has been up to 8 miles a day (every day) and was getting frustrated with not seeing any more results.  I told her that I do a lot of running myself and suggested she try changing up her daily runs with a faster, shorter run once in awhile.  I explained that if she ran the same distance at the same speed all the time her muscles will get used to it and require less energy meaning less fat burned - change it up and your muscles will burn more energy.  I'll admit that at first she was quite hesitant about it.

She had normally run on the mill at an average 6.3/6.4 mph speed and didn't think that she could go much faster.  Well, I kept telling her to try and push the speed and not worry about distance; even if you only run 0.5 miles, that's ok.  One week ago, I come into work and I have a note waiting for me that reads as follows...

I ran 5.2 miles on 0.5 incline - but the last 1.2 miles I ran on 7.1!!  I'm so excited!!  Thanks for the motivation!  Have a great weekend.

I'm sure you can imagine how much that made my day!!

Since then, she's even ran a mile at 7.5 and has started noticing that her old "start up" speed of 6.0 seems slow.  Ha-HA!  That's getting your fast twitch muscles to work!

Now I have to work on getting her to take a rest day!


1.  What's one thing that has made your day lately?

2.  What are you going to start your weekend off with today?
I'm going to do a short run, eat, take a nap, then do my first outdoor swim of the season!  My free time is spent doing two-a-days.

Stay fit.  Stay healthy.  Stay safe. 



everyone needs a little push now and then. nice job being the one to get her to challenge herself.

Karen said...

Just like a drug pusher... :) That is awesome!

Coy Martinez said...

What a coincidence! I've just started doing this myself! I usually make my start up speed 6.0 but then the other day I decided that I need to throw in some speed and ran my last two miles at 6.7. First time I've EVER done that! Felt nice!

Gonna start my weekend off with a trip to the drive in tonight for a movie :) Then a long run in the morning.

Unknown said...

It's hard to break out of what is comfortable! :) Great advice for her!!!

We're taking it easy today and tomorrow. Picking up race packets, swimming, maybe getting a short bike and enjoying the fact that it's the weekend!

Samantha said...

How awesome of you!! It's always nice to help people out. Sounds like she really appreciated it.

Stephanie said...

I need to take this same advice!!

TriGirl said...

Nice job Kurt!

Yesterday was a pretty awesome day: Bernie at commissioned a drawing from me that went on yesterday's post. Also, featured my site :D

Starting off my weekend at the RnR registration! I'm planning to meet Tall Mom Mel and some other ladies for lunch, and hopefully connect with Amanda from 5 Miles Past Empty!

Anonymous said...

Isn't that the BEST feeling?

When my clients do things like that, accomplish goals or thank me I want to cry and all of my work is worth it.

I had a guy come up and hug me a few years ago. He had lost 100 lbs and quit smoking because (he said) I convinced him to walk a 5k. He is off all meds and RUNS daily. I cried!

Great story.

Weekend plans-bike a lot and do a tri =)

ajh said...

Awesome! It is great to inspire someone. One day I walked in the gym and my colleague who was there told me she needed to be inspired and then I walked in. People I work with have a false idea of my athletic prowess but hey I'll let them think that.
Starting out the weekend- I think the idea of a nap sounds pretty good. Had a lot of two a days now I'm ready to rest.

Richelle said...

Awesome job! It always is nice to hear that you've helped someone out.

1. My fiance bought me a bouquet of flowers recently. That made my day. :)

2. My weekend started early since I took the day off today. Mom and I ran several errands in town, most were wedding-related. However, I haven't been feeling well today, so I took a long nap this afternoon. I hope I feel better by tomorrow morning for my 5K race.

Caroline said...

Good for you and for her!!!

what made my day: camp counsoler: "your kids are wonderful, I really enjoy them, they make my days better"
I almost cried right there in front of all the kids and parents...
but I didn't!!!

Matthew Smith said...

Nice work there, Enabler! Way to get someone cookin'.