Thursday, June 2, 2011

Winner Winner!! UTag Sport Bracelet


All of the contestants names and entries have been tabulated, 
written on shiny South African diamonds 
and will be picked out of a hat by a highly trained Pygmy Marmoset.  

And the winner is....

(*Drumroll Please*)

Ok, fine.  So I used instead.  Shoot me. 

Jamie @ TriScientist

Congratulations!!  Jamie, shoot me an email at becominganironman @ and I'll make sure you've got your UTag bracelet in order to stay safe through all of the training for those races you just posted.  What timing! 

To everyone else, thank you for playing along at home.  And remember, you can get your own UTag Sport bracelet, I.C.E. Card or Digital Dog Tags at...

Stay fit.  Stay healthy.  Stay safe.


Coy Martinez said...

Congrats to Jamie! He's an awesome guy!!

Jamie said...

First of all, thank you! Thanks for having such a great giveaway, and for such a great blog. I am thinking purple...matches all my Team in Training gear!

Q said...

You won something too Kurt! Come on over to my page when you get this :-).

Chelsea said...

When is the Pygmy Marmoset give away?!?