Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Still Behind

Here I am yet again posting about yesterday's workout. I decided to do a mixed workout because as much as I wanted to do an upper body workout (I had been seeing so much improvement, I wanted to see more), I knew I shouldn't go so long without doing a leg workout.  Therefore, I made a compromise. 

Reps & Weight:
1.  Dumbbell Press (3 sets of 10/8/6 reps with 60 lbs)
2.  Leg Press (3 sets of 10 reps with 220/240/260 lbs)
3.  Seated Bicep Bar Curl (3 sets of 10 reps with 35 lbs/arm)
4.  Sitting Leg Curl (3 sets of 10 reps with 100 lbs)
5.  Side Lifts  (3 sets of 10 reps with 10lbs [side] & 25lbs [back])
6.  Horizontal Leg Lift (3 sets of 10 reps)
7.  Military Press (3 sets of 10 reps with 70 lbs)
8.  Sitting Leg Extension (3 sets of 10 reps with 110 lbs)
9.  Pectoral Fly  (3 sets of 10 with 100/115/130)

** Stretching **

10. Crunch Ups (3 sets of 10 sit-ups and 10 crunches)
11. Side Plank Twists (2 sets of 15/10 reps on each side)
12. Vertical Leg Lift  (3 x 15)
13. Vertical Tricep Dip  (3 x 10/10/5[2/3])

Today is my day off.  Maybe I can get back on track tomorrow (be able to post the workouts for each day ON that day).

In the mean time, I got a suggestion from a friend who is a massage therapist as to a few good anatomy books:
Trail Guide to the Body (by Andrew Biel)
Running Anatomy (by Joseph Puleo & Patrick Milroy)
Swimming Anatomy (by Ian McLeod)
Stretching Anatomy (by Arnold G. Nelson & Jouko Kokkonen)

I'll be reading through these over the next few months I'm sure to work on learning anatomy; first, muscle anatomy since that's what I'm mainly interested in at this point.  The last three books are also available on Google Books for online reading if you're at all interested.  It's always nice to read things for free, though reading on the computer can always be harsh on your eyes at times.  Otherwise, go search for a pirated pdf file and print it yourself.  haha



Vylkire said...


I was told to get in touch with you by Kristin. Apparently you had some questions?

- Jacob

wojo said...

Hey Jacob! That was much faster than I expected. Awesome. Kristin told me that you had suggested that her and I see a chiropractor, mainly in order to be aware of any pre-existing/current issues and not worsen anything through our continued training.

As one of my goals overall of this blog is to continue to learn about anything to do with being an endurance athlete, I was wondering what type of typical injuries or ailments you might see as a chiropractor in any specific type of athlete. I obviously am interested specifically in the swimmer, cyclist, and runner since I am a triathlete myself.

I've talked with a massage therapist previously about muscle issues that each of the above athletes commonly are found to have. That has been very helpful in knowing what to pay attention to during training and/or focus on relaxing in my off time. I'd be immensely appreciative of any information you might have or be able to point me to for reading.

I've already seen plenty of injuries and I'm only 6 months in, so I'm sure there are plenty of more serious injuries I should be aware of avoiding.