Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Turkey Motivation

Ever seen these?
Badgers!  I mean Turkeys!  No really, they are Turkeys.  Trust me. 

You tend to see them a lot this time of year, right?  On the news, on tv, in the stores, on billboards, and everywhere in between.  How many of you have seen a (or more than one) turkey chasing you as you run?  Anyone?  There's got to be someone out there that has. 

That's exactly what I get to deal with now.  I shouldn't say "deal with."  Excuse me.  These lovable, friendly creatures have wandered out from the woods in fate's attempt to keep me motivated at the end of my runs.  Why should I walk the quarter mile from the complex entrance to my apt?!  That's valuable distance!  Rest is for losers.  And the turkeys have come out to help remind me of that fact  haha.  I love how I move from rural upstate NY to semi-urban Hartford, CT area and NOW I get chased by wildlife.

Today I had a morning run (because I'll be tied up until after dark tonight) and I surprisingly avoided the turkey chase, so I might inadvertently become a fan of morning runs until they catch on and start coming out earlier.  I had my first "run in" with them a few days ago and while I was making my way to my complex, I kept turning around saying "If you keep following me, I'll cook ya'!  I'll do it."  Apparently that does not deter them. 

Workout tonight and possibly yoga!  Ciao.

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