Thursday, November 18, 2010

Still Alive ...somewhat

Hey guys.  Just popping in to say I'm still alive.  I've been really busy lately with a project at school on top of keeping up with the regular workouts and yoga, so I haven't been able to get online much other than checking my email for notices from my boss.

Anyways, to quickly recap the last couple days, yesterday I took the day off from running, but I went to the gym and attended a class called "Just Abs."  It was fun and certainly a lot of work - it's nice being shown that there are still a lot of exercises that don't require any weights whatsoever and still manage to be extremely difficult.  We get so caught up in the idea that we need lots of high tech machines and devices to do the "right" workout, but in reality we just need to be imaginative.  I'll talk more about that later.  I also did a workout after the abs class focusing mainly on the upper body. 

Today I went and ran another 2 miles, did yoga, and finished off with a short upper body workout.  I also wrapped my right shin in a ace bandage all day to see if that would help my shin splints; I'll find out tomorrow morning if that had any short term effect.  It seemed to work a little prior to the October half marathon, so I'm hopeful. 

Tomorrow I plan on running and doing more of a full body workout.  Saturday I will run early and do yoga mid-morning.  I may or may not workout, but since I know I will be away most of next week (thanksgiving vacation), I may try to "load up" while I can.  Then Sunday I will run the new 3 miles and again yoga mid-morning.  At some point in the weekend I'm going to try to help a friend pace a 5k practice run at a course she is running on the 5th, the Blue Black Square Mitten Run run by the Hartford Marathon Foundation.  It's certainly nice to see that my schedule is busy (if not packed) with fitness activities; I like to picture it staying that way for quite awhile (maybe another 70 years or so).

Ok, with that, I am off to bed for my recovery sleep.  Back up tomorrow with an early morning run.  Enjoy all your fitness activities and hopefully I'll be back soon with more time to talk.  Sorry for being MIA; it goes with being busy.


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