Friday, November 19, 2010


Small bump in the road today.  I woke up at seven to go running.  I was slow to move, but eventually pulled off the covers and pulled my legs over the side of the bed.  Instant pain!  Oh my God!  What is that?  My right shin had a much sharper pain than I've been having lately and all I did was put my feet on the floor.  If you remember, I've been having dull pain lately.  I tried taking a day off here and there, worked on my form a bit, thought I had it figured out, then yesterday I wore an ace bandage all day to help it heal (it worked back in September, so I thought it'd work again).  I was wrong!

Obviously I skipped running today.  I went right to the freezer and grabbed an almost finished bag of corn and wrapped it to my shin to ice it.  That worked to get rid of the pain, but it came back to a degree when it heated back up.  I've been told by multiple people to make sure it's not a stress facture - and I seriously hope it's not - but I'll give it come time to see if a few days off and icing helps. The 150 by X-mas, or the 150X as I'm going to call it now, isn't over yet.  It may not be the smartest idea, but I'm still gonna' shoot for it even if I have to take a week off.  "Do as I say, not as I do." 

But besides my running BUMP, I got to the gym today for a workout.  My legs have been extremely tight lately, but I still managed to get a decent leg workout in.  Tomorrow I have yoga in the morning, but I may take the day off from working out to get some school work done.  But on the other hand maybe I'll do a short upper body workout.  You never know (I'm a workout/fitness addict). 


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