Monday, November 8, 2010

Feel the Burn

I have been trying for awhile to find a workout that really did a number on my legs.  Since my goal is to get better at triathlons and triathlons include biking and running which are heavily leg sports, I figure it's best to focus on that for now (of course I'm also doing upper body and core workouts as well - you've seen them).  I went through a number of full leg workouts, but never really felt a burn afterwards.  But lately my legs have been achey and sore and as you can guess, I LOVE IT.  It seems the current "key" is my power set with squats.  I don't do a large amount of weight, but I do a lot of sets, which really adds up.  My goal is to get comfortable doing a larger weight from the start and just do three sets of that, but until then this seems to work well.

Today's Workout:
1.  Warm up: Elliptical; 1 mile forward, 0.2 mile backwards, 0.2 mile forward, 0.1 mile backwards (heart rate up to ~160)
2.  Side Pulley Lats (10/9/6 reps with 60 lb)
3.  Side Pulley Bicep (10/8/9 reps with 50 lb)
4.  Push-Ups (15 reps)
5.  Oblique Twists (10 reps per side with 90 lb)
...Repeat #2-5 for a total of three sets

6.  Seated Calf Raises (30 reps with 90 lb)
7.  Squats (10 reps with 70,80,90,100,110,120 lb)
8.  Standing Calf Raises (50,40,50,50,50,50 reps with 100 lb)
...Repeat #6-8 for a total of 6 sets

9.  Side Lifts [Oblique Lifts] (10 reps with 25lb)
10.  Horizontal Straight Leg Lift (10 reps)
11.  Russian Twists (20 reps with 10 lb) 
...Repeat #9-11 for a total of 3 sets

12.  Treadmill (0.2 miles [speed 4.0], 1.3 mile [7.5-9.0], 0.2 [4.0], 0.3 [9.0-10.0], 0.2 [4.0])
13.  Military Press (3 sets of 10,10,7 reps with 80 lb)
14.  Pec Fly (3 sets of 10 reps with 100,115,130 lb)

While I did do the squat set today, I used the last two exercises to work my upper body.  Tomorrow I will plan on doing legs in that spot; maybe the add/abductors.  I like the leg ext/curl, but I don't want to get too used to those either.  We'll see what I feel like when the time comes.

Seeing as how expensive this triathlon habit seems to be (bike, running shoes, entry fees, FOOD), tonight I'm off to a free movie screening.  It's always nice to know how to get some free entertainment once in awhile.  Last night I watched the movie Frozen online and I was impressed with how little of a set the movie required (much like the move Phone Booth - mostly shot with one set), but overall it wasn't a great movie.  If you have suggestions for free/cheap entertainment to check out, let me know.  Thanks, my wallet would be very appreciative.


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